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Meet Erica Cogland

We’d love you to meet Erica Cogland, an active and valued member of our TCNJ student community.

Erica is a senior year communication studies major in the interpersonal track, pursuing a marketing minor. She actively participates in the community by holding leadership positions in various organizations on campus. She is a member of the communications honor society, Lambda Pi Eta, a member of the student advisory board for the communication school, and was the Vice President of the Italian Club.

Erica is enthusiastic about her roles on campus, particularly because of the opportunities she gets to interact one on one with other students through her position on the student advisory board.

“I absolutely love being on the communication student advisory board because this is where I feel like I can give back to TCNJ the most. I mentor amazing students who are just starting out their college journey and I am able to represent the department at open houses to help get future students excited about declaring a communication major. I remember how confusing it was starting out as a freshman and I love that I am able to provide clarification that makes the process less stressful for parents and accepted/potential students.”

Erica is also the Vice President of Recruitment for her sorority, Kappa Delta. This is especially exciting for her since she is interested in becoming an event planner, and she speaks about how this opportunity has allowed her to explore her interests.

“My experience as VPM of Kappa Delta made me love creating a vision for an event and seeing it become a reality. I would love to help people celebrate their major milestones through putting together personalized and beautiful events.”

She advises that incoming students get involved on campus with multiple clubs that peak their interest. She explains the important of exploring what you like early on, so that you can choose where to focus your attention. Erica says that college is your biggest opportunity to try new things since it’s a time period where your schedule is more flexible and you have so much available to you.

Erica tells us about her own experience getting involved on campus.

“It is easy to get discouraged if you join something that doesn’t live up to your expectations. I’ve been a part of many more clubs than I mentioned, but they just weren’t what I was really passionate about, so I put all of my efforts into the few above instead. It’s trial and error sometimes but extracurricular activities are what truly make your college experience exceptional.”  

During the interview, Erica was asked what her positions in her organizations have taught her, and she was ready with some inspiring opinions.

“Having good character means that you go above and beyond your responsibilities, ask others if they need help, and show up on time with a positive attitude.  Excitement is contagious, but so is negativity, and as a leader, it is important to put any doubts you have aside and guide your community and teammates in the right direction. Leadership does not mean being better than everyone else; it means having the ability and communication skills to motivate others toward a common goal.”


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