Meet Emma Eisenbeil: Empowering the Women of Campus, One Organization at a Time

Full name: Emma Lynn Eisenbeil

Grade & Major: Junior, English Secondary Education Major with a Minor in Women and Gender Studies

Birthday: February 25, 1999

Astrological sign: Pisces 

Hometown: Frenchtown, NJ

Favorite color: Light blue and lavender

Favorite Food: Burritos! 


Tell HC a little about yourself! Your hobbies, interests, what you’re passionate about.

As an English major, I love reading and writing, whether it be for academics or personal matters. I love to perform, I’ve always been a part of a singing, musical, or theatre department! I’m very passionate about education and the movement to ensure more youth are receiving equal access and opportunities to education. I’m also very passionate about social justice and being an ally to all communities, even if I don’t personally identify as a member myself!

What made you want to become a teacher? Did you always know that was for you? 

I was incredibly lucky throughout my elementary and high school years to have many dedicated and enthusiastic teachers. I always “played teacher” with my stuff animals and little sister when I was younger, and after my first day of school (my parents told me) I was immediately hooked. Becoming a teacher became a definite route for me in high school after meeting my freshman English teacher, who would later become my Performing Arts teacher, theatre director, mentor, and an overall very important figure in my life. Through his teaching and interactions with his students, both during class and after school, I experienced a drastic change in my life for the better and also saw how he was able to do that for so many others as well. He was able to see everyone’s potential and found the way to motivate us to achieve it. I think we owe so much to our teachers, they shape us into who we are. I have been incredibly privileged to receive such an amazing education throughout my life so far and I really want to be that special teacher for students in the future who could really use someone to push them a little bit and tell them, “Hey, I believe in you”. 


You are the current publicist for the TCNJ Treblemakers. What do you love most about being in the all-female a capella group?

I love my Trebs so much. They were the people on campus who made TCNJ feel like a home to me. I had a hard time transitioning into college, but my girls showered me with love right away. They are so supportive, not just in regards to vocal achievements and performing, but in any aspect of my life. I love how we hype each other up, create a supportive environment, and make it so we can balance our academics with a fun way to keep performing. I love being publicist because I want to feature how beautiful each young woman in Trebs is. If you’re looking for a new girl gang on campus, love to sing, and have a special place in your heart for spilling tea and Danny DeVito hit up our Insta for audition info. 


You are also a new member of SK, what are you enjoying most about being part of that sisterhood? 

I LOVE MY SKISTERS!! I never pictured myself to be someone who loves Greek Life, let alone be a part of it. Joining Sigma Kappa is one of the best things I have ever done. I was instantly showered in love and met so many new people, some of which have become my closest friends on campus. I love how Sigma Kappa was so focused on my new member class creating healthy and genuine bonds with each other through our New Member Process. There is no better feeling than sending a text in a group chat asking if anyone wants to grab lunch or camp out in the lib and multiple people respond right away. I’m significantly happier now that I am a sister.


Since you’re so busy, what’s your favorite way to destress? 

Definitely a busy bee, when I make my new To Do lists after a crazy week, nothing helps more than Netflix and napping. 


If you had to pick a dream place to travel, where would it be? 

I really want to backpack across Europe someday, it’s been a dream of mine for a long time!


Tell us something about our world you work each day to change.

I work hard to be very inclusive, respectful and conscious of my language, behavior, and actions. When you see hateful and ignorant actions transpire right in front of you, how can you not say something? I work hard to use my voice every day but also push others to use theirs as well. 

What are your future goals after leaving TCNJ? 

I would love to teach middle school English at first and then someday transition to a high school teacher so I can be a part of directing the theatre department! It’s always been my dream! And in a perfect world, I’d find a way to get a big house down at the shore for my whole family to use in the summers.