Meet Danielle Silvia

You can probably find Danielle Silvia working out, watching Netflix, spending time with family and friends or listening to music. Originally from Northern New Jersey, Danielle is now a junior communication studies major with minors in marketing and public health. Since she was sixteen, she has worked as a receptionist at a dental office and this past summer, she interned at Premiere Creative in Millburn, NJ as a Digital Marketing Intern.  Get to know Danielle a little bit better by reading these questions I asked her about her experience at TCNJ.

What made you come to TCNJ?

When I was deciding which college to go to, something about TCNJ just felt right! The campus felt like home, and I immediately felt a connection with all of the wonderful students and staff. It is the perfect distance away from home, and its communication studies program is great because it is both broad and tailored to specific career interests.

What are you involved in on campus?

I am involved in several organizations on campus, such as Catholic Campus Ministry, or CCM, The Signal, Pre-Law Society and Alpha Phi Omega. Additionally, I write for the Odyssey chapter of TCNJ in which I am also a Contributing Editor. I am Social Media Coordinator for CCM and previously was Social Media Editor for The Signal. Next semester, I will be one of the copy editors for the Signal. I am Treasurer of the pre-law society as well.

How has your involvement shaped your experience at TCNJ?

My involvement has made my time at TCNJ so much more meaningful. I have met so many people who have positively shaped my life and helped me develop passions I never knew I had! Every experience, good and bad, has helped me grow into an adult and helped me figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life.

Do you think your extracurricular involvement will impact your career at all? If so, how?

I think that every experience I have had is unique and will undoubtedly impact my career and my future. I have learned to be a team player and leader being in each of these organizations, and I have fostered skills in everything from planning to problem-solving that I will always remember.

In your opinion, what are the benefits of being involved in campus life?

The benefits, I think, of being involved in campus life is making the college experience so much more tangible and memorable. Freshmen year was difficult for me because I was trying to find my way and meet people in organizations that I was passionate about. By being involved, I have met people that have become my best friends and people that have taught me invaluable life lessons. Holistically, being involved on campus has helped me not only make friendships and have amazing college years, but I have learned about myself and what I want in my future, both professionally and personally.

What is your favorite part about the Catholic Campus Ministry?

Catholic Campus Ministry was one of the first organizations I joined at TCNJ and has become a big part of my college experience! What I think makes CCM so special is that it brings faith to the college level, which I think is really important at this age in many students' lives. Whether it be participating in a weekly social event, retreat, or listening to homilies at mass, CCM has brought out the best in my faith and living a Catholic life. Recruiting fellow students to join is one of the most exciting parts of my job as Social Media Coordinator, and by using social media to invite students, making announcements at mass about events, and reaching out to freshmen who frequently attend mass, we try each semester to make the organization more prominent on campus and create a faith foundation on campus.

As a result of her involvement on campus, Danielle believes that her memories at TCNJ represent some of the best times in her life, and she is incredibly thankful for the friends and classmates she has met along the way.