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Meet Chloe Yelle: TCNJ’s Homecoming Queen

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at TCNJ chapter.

You’ve seen her smiling around campus, cracking jokes wherever she goes. She’s probably given you a tour, or pointed you in the right direction when you were lost as a freshman. Whether she’s sporting her Ambassador stripes or styling her Alpha Xi Delta letters, Chloe Yelle is no stranger to the TCNJ community. But now she has another title: TCNJ’s 2017 Homecoming Queen.

Yelle couldn’t be more excited to have won the crown and be able to represent the TCNJ community as Homecoming Queen. “It’s a humbling position to be in especially because all the other candidates we’re just as qualified as I was,” Yelle said.  “It’s an affirmation that all I’ve done and been involved with on campus has made some impact on the campus community.”  Aside from being an Ambassador, Yelle is also involved in Alpha Xi Delta where she holds two positions: Sisterhood Chair and Co-New Member Orientation Chair. She is also a general body member of CUB, and is a part of the Leadership Development Program as well. Talk about involvement!  In order to win the title of Homecoming Queen, Yelle used her outgoing personality and relatable humor to get the campus’s votes. You may have seen her campaign on TCNJ Snap, one of which was Beyonce pointing at her telling people to vote for Chloe, the other was the popular “jealous boyfriend” meme.

“This may sound cheesy but I feel like the majority of my campaigning started as soon as I got to TCNJ,” Yelle said. “Each year here I’ve tried to meet and get to know and meet as many people as possible. Campaign wise, I love a good meme (as do many people) so I figured using them would appeal to a lot of different people.”

Yelle is an Urban Elementary Ed and English major from Tinton Falls, NJ. Yelle also loves dogs almost as much as she loves TCNJ.  On a final note about her victory, Yelle added, “It’s truly a humbling experience and I’m so happy to get to represent the school in this way.”

If you see Yelle walking around campus, do not hesitate to say ‘hey’ to the 2017 Homecoming Queen!

Maddi is the current President and Campus Correspondent for HCTCNJ. She is a senior journalism student at The College of New Jersey who loves pugs, napping, and all things food.
Kyra Mackesy graduated The College of New Jersey with a BA in Journalism and Professional Writing and a minor in Criminology in 2019. While at TCNJ, she was an active member of their Her Campus chapter, holding a wide array of positions: President and Campus Correspondent, Editor-in-Chief, Senior Editor, Marketing and Publicity Director, and Social Media Manager. She loved seeing her chapter grow throughout her four years in college, and will remain an active Her Campus Alumni.