Meet the, “Best Boy Band Since One Direction:” Brockhampton

As they declare in their song, BOOGIE, they are also known as “America’s favorite boy band” and “the hardest working boy band in show business.” Brockhampton is a unique rap group from Texas redefining what it means to be a boy band, and even the genre of rap itself. Bursting in to the popular scene with their Saturation trilogy in summer 2017, the band has been only been going up, with the release of their new album, Iridescence, on September 21st.   


The key to their success - their tight knit group dynamic. Originally meeting on a Kanye-fan online forum, their band consists of musicians, producers, designers, and a manager. No one who takes part in creating their refreshing experience is left out of the band.  


Kevin Abstract appears as the face of Brockhampton, well known for his solo work including album “American Boyfriend.” He brings unparalleled honesty to the band, with hard-hitting confessions of struggling with sexuality and racism.


Then there is Dom McLennon, arguably the most technically talented rapper in the group. The energy and almost graceful flow of his lyrics are engulfing, making one stand up and pay attention to the important lines about the pressures he experiences in today’s society.  


Merlyn Wood brings in vibrant, high energy bars with lighthearted lyrics that contrast against some of his more serious lines of his ghanaian heritage, while Joba delivers beautiful singing but then gritty, intense raps about topics like mental illness. Matt Champion also brings a unique flow and has attention grabbing lyrics about rape culture that really stand out in today’s society.  


The boy band mixes it up a bit with Bearface, who brings dreamlike vocals and guitar to slower songs on their albums, but also raps a few verses on their newest album, and Robert Ontinient, who breaks up the albums with innovative spoken word pieces in Spanish. But don’t forget about the members behind the scenes of Brockhampton, like music producers Romil Hemnani, Jabari Manwa, and Kiko Merley, who bring the instantly recognizable sound to Brockhampton, which up until the newest album was all done in their bedrooms.


Hencok “HK” Sileshi, creative director, and Ashlan Grey, photographer, create the boy band’s very different and eye catching image. And keeping everything in order to make this band what it is, manager Jon Nunes.  


Just from these brief descriptions of each member, you can already see how they subvert the classic boy band trope, though this drives their strength and appeal. They are unique and refreshing, giving the listener something that they’ve never heard before.


And it clearly works for them, as their newest album, Iridescence, has just debuted as a number one album, and carries over the themes that got Brockhampton their initial following, especially in songs like WEIGHT and TONYA.  


So, unlike the classic boy band, Brockhampton brings hard rap verses and heavy beats to their music, but still give the overall inspiring feeling that a boy band has. Their songs are ones you can listen to when you want to dance and celebrate, but also when you’re feeling down and need something you can relate to. Their members are like anyone else, they share their struggles and make you feel like you have a friend who listens and understands. Seeing people like Kevin Abstract freely being himself and uplifting his fans is exactly what being a boy band is about.  So if you are seeking something new to listen to that brings more to the table then just a catchy song, look no further than Brockhampton.