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Matthew Scapardine ‘15

There are very few people who you can spend just a few minutes with and feel happy for the rest of the day.  Matt is the type of guy who makes you feel like you’ve known him forever.  He’s driven, loves spending time outdoors and would love nothing more than to spend an afternoon browsing around HomeGoods with you.

Age/ year: 22/ Senior

Hometown: Metuchen, N.J.

Major: Marketing

Campus organizations: Founder of Net Impact at TCNJ and member of NJCF

Post grad plans:  I’ll be working at Bloomberg as a global data analyst starting June 8.

Dream job: My dream job would be to work at a design and management consulting firm where I’d be working with leadership teams to help them access their creative potential and hone their leadership skills.

Favorite place you’ve ever traveled: San Diego because of the beautiful landscape, perfect weather, 72 degrees and sunny every day, zero humidity and the temperature drops enough at night so you can wear a hoodie and a pair of jeans if you really wanted to.  Also, the layout and the size of the city are perfect. It is really beautifully integrated with the nature around it.  Oh, and all the Mexican food!  But the main reason it is my favorite is the beauty and majesty of the Pacific Ocean.

The number one thing on your bucket list: I’d love to be crowd-surfed onto a stage and sing on stage with the performer.  I’d also like to surf the North Shore of Hawaii.

Favorite band/musician: Kings of Leon

Fun fact: I drive a yellow pickup truck named Daisy.

Who is your hero?  Jon Foreman of Switchfoot.  I want to embody his perspective on life and his relationships with people.

Biggest turn on: Someone who is self-aware, secure, confident and not afraid to be themselves.

Biggest turn off: Smoking and dependence.

Celebrity crushes: Sage Erickson, Lakey Peterson and Taylor Swift.

Ideal first date: Go to a restaurant, one with a porch that overlooks the beach for lunch or around sunset.  Just hang out, have a couple of drinks and talk.

Favorite food: I love all kinds of sausage, all kinds of pork products, really.  I also love Mexican food and Thai food.

Hobbies: I love doing stuff in the house like painting, remodeling and carpentry.  I also love skateboarding, surfing and designing new things.

Funny quirks: I tend to wave to people I don’t know because of my poor vision.

Hidden talents:  I love tearin’ it up on the dance floor.

Guilty pleasure: I don’t feel very guilty about this, but I have a passion and obsession with home décor and fashion.  I love HomeGoods and Pottery Barn!

Best advice you’ve ever been given: Don’t just be yourself, be who you aspire to be every day.

What are you going to miss most about TCNJ? Well, that’s an easy one. I am going to miss my friends. I am going to miss all the brothers I have gained over these four years. Without them my college experience would have been pretty lame. All those guys and gals are awesome! So thankful for all of them. 



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