Marc Trotochaud: Tips From a Soon-To-Be TCNJ Graduate

Meet Marc Trotochaud, a Senior Communication Studies major and Public Health minor from Connecticut, graduating TCNJ this semester! Marc is involved in many organizations on campus, including APO, Unified Sports, WTSR, Ultimate Frisbee and is the President of Public Health Communication Club. Keep reading to learn more about Marc and to gain some tips from a soon-to-be TCNJ graduate!

The first question I asked Marc is one that every out of state student has been asked multiple times- Why did you choose TCNJ? He jokes and says, “I have been asked this question so many times in my TCNJ career… My favorite answer to those people is to look them straight in the eyes, softly say “you are the reason,” and give a little wink.”

He then answered that he actually loves the vibe and feeling of TCNJ. “I grew up adjacent to the campus of a large University (UConn), and although TCNJ is much smaller it still has that kind of campus environment which makes it unique! It also has great academics and small class sizes, which have created a whole bunch of opportunities as a student.”

Next I asked Marc to reflect on the last 4 years, and to describe his favorite memories from his time at TCNJ. “Wow that’s a loaded question! I have a very fond memory of a Halloween get-together my junior year. We were all living in the townhouses and got dressed up and had a costume contest. I had just moved back in with some friends from my freshman floor and it was nice to have an event with a close group of friends. Plus my girlfriend and I won the ‘couple costume’ prize which was pretty sweet!” (P.S. I’m his girlfriend- and our Dwight and Angela costume was pretty awesome.)

Another memory Marc states as one of his favorites was with the club Unified Sports. “There is a big event every semester called the Shriver Cup that gathers unified sports programs from all over the state to come together and play either basketball or soccer. This one day each semester was always something that I looked forward to, and something that I will miss once I am done at TCNJ.”

As for some tips for any TCNJ Freshman reading this, Marc says to be yourself, get involved, and to talk to your professors. “Be yourself: no need to pretend to be someone you’re not in an effort to fit in, you do best when you find friends who love you for who you are. Get involved: Cliché but so true. Talk to your professors: TCNJ is super unique when it comes to student and faculty relationships. It is rare for public higher education institutions to have faculty who are so open to working with students, so take full advantage of what they have to offer!”

And for TCNJ Seniors like me who are graduating next semester, Marc advises to accept the change and move forward with confidence. “You made it through TCNJ, a great school, feel prepared for whatever comes your way in the future, I’m sure you will do great!”

After he graduates this semester and is thrown out into the real world, Marc wants to go to graduate school next fall to pursue a master’s degree in public health. “I love the idea of working with other like-minded individuals in a professional setting to try and better the health and wellness of the people in their population.” And if he could have any job, Marc says, “I guess my dream job would be working for a large public health agency, like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, on a team that designs campaigns aimed at fixing different health issues!"Good luck Marc, TCNJ will miss you!