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Malcolm A. Bingham ’15

Name: Malcolm A. Bingham

Age: 22

School year: Senior

Hometown: Ewing, N.J.

Major: Marketing, Minor in Psychology

Campus organizations: Member of Pi Sigma Epsilon and Black Student Union

Hobbies: playing piano in my band, jogging, swimming and modeling

Secret Talents: Making latte art, I’ve also been told I do good impersonations

Dream job now: Gainfully employed while traveling often, meeting new people and learning new languages

Dream job as a kid: Slinging lattes at Starbucks

Relationship status: Single 

Celebrity crush: Zoe Saldana (She was fire in Columbiana)

Biggest turn-ons: A sense of humor, sense of style and the most gorgeous smile :)

Biggest turn-offs: Girls with no manners

Favorite movies: Men of Honor, Jet Li’s Fearless, John Q.

Favorite thing about TCNJ: The school is constantly reinventing itself

Advice you would give your Freshman self: Don’t worry about what you don’t have, be grateful for what you do have, be excited for what you can have

If you could only have one meal for the rest of your life: Seafood! I’d cook it differently every day and snapchat it to friends to keep track

Favorite place to travel: Madrid, Spain

Dream vacation: South Africa, the Caribbean or Brazil

Best advice you’ve ever gotten: The same hammer that broke the glass forges the steel

Biggest hero: My dad

Favorite part of the day and why: Sunset (every end is a new beginning)

Something you’re looking forward to: Skydiving 

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