Lover: Taylor Swift Album Review

As a huge Taylor Swift fan, I was ecstatic to listen to the Lover album. In comparison to Reputation, Lover is peppier and seemingly more content whereas Reputation’s songs were bitter and sad. It did have some love songs, such as End Game and King of My Heart. The following list is the order of songs that are my personal favorite. Even if you’re not a swiftie, this album seems to have something for everyone. 

  1. Paper Rings

This one seems to be a continuation of Swift’s “How You Get the Girl” song. 

   2. The Archer

This is an emotional song. It’s a slow song that talks about how all her enemies started out as friends.

   3. Lover 

The music video to this is beautiful and Swift had mentioned that it’s the same one that inspired 1989’s You are in Love song. It also seems to finish the end of Taylor’s Oh my my my song. This one seems to be about Joe Alwyn.

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      4.Cornelia Street

It seems to be a song about Joe Alwyn, too. The lyrics are similar to All Too Well and New Year’s Day. It’s also one of my favorite songs on this album.

      5. The Man

This song seems to be a shoutout to all the feminists out there. It also seems to be a nod to the #MeToo movement, which is something fans haven’t see Swift do before.

       6. Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince

This song seems to be the conclusion to her song, Crazier. Swift sings: “I’m crazier for you than I was at 16, lost in a film scene.” 

       7. Death by a Thousand Cuts

This song is apparently inspired by the movie, “Someone Great.” This one also seems to be about John Mayer, which is whom the song The Story of Us was about. 

       8. Daylight

Daylight also seems to have bits of All Too Well in it and is more of a ballad than an upbeat song. 

       9. I Forgot that You Existed

Fans have speculated that this is about the 2009 Kanye West incident. I personally love how it's a bit more upbeat.

       10. Afterglow

This song is a seems to be the end of Bad Blood.

       11. Me!

I love the collab with Brendan Uri, but the spelling part of the song is what made me list it as number eleven.

       12. You need to calm down

This seems to be a shoutout to the LGBTQ+ community.

      13. It’s nice to have a friend

This is a song about childhood friends growing up and falling in love. It’s similar to Swift’s song, Mary’s song Oh my my my. 

      14. Cruel Summer

This is a diss track to the Jonas Brother’s Taylor Swift diss track (Much Better). It’s co-written by St. Vincent according to The Vulture.

      15. London Boy

This song has a bit of humor in it and I liked that it is a bit of a playful song. But, this one took a little bit of time to grow on me which is why I didn’t list it in my top 10.

      16. I Think He Knows

It’s about crushing on a guy to the point where even the guy is aware.

      17. Soon You’ll Get Better

This is about her mom dealing with cancer.

      18. False God

This one is more R & B. It seems to be a continuation of Cornelia Street.

Overall, I love this album and I think it’s definitely worth streaming on Spotify/purchasing a copy. I think it’s a romantic and upbeat album that’s different from her past albums. Somehow, this one seems more complete and content.