Kruthika Ramesh: Future Financial Leader

This week’s Campus Celebrity, Kruthika Ramesh, is in the middle of serving her first year as the Junior Class Treasurer and is starting off the New Year as Theta Phi Alpha’s Treasurer. Along with these positions, Kruthika worked last summer as an intern at Wells Fargo. This celeb’s passion for finance has already driven her far, but after finishing her undergraduate education, Kruthika plans to take the CPA exam and pursue an MBA.

As the Class of 2015’s Treasurer, Kru is responsible for managing the class’s funds and the financial responsibilities of any project that is taken on. More than just dealing with the money, Kru believes that “as a member of class council in general, it is my responsibility to always look out for the class’s best interests.” This can be anything from understanding student interests, fostering class bonding, and fundraising for Senior Week. 

In fact, her love for her class and TCNJ in general is what drove her to run for her position in the first place. Kru explained that she “wanted to be an integral part of creating the lasting memories that were going to be made as the Class of 2015.” As she has helped create these memories for the junior class, she’s learned that her favorite part of her job is that “I’m always learning something new or meeting new students and faculty,” she says. Kru also said her role as Treasurer has been an excellent way for her to get involved on campus and that she is very much looking forward to a new semester.

Kru’s experience as a Wells Fargo intern, where she worked in the company’s Community Banking segments, “was tremendously beneficial,” she said. “I worked closely with the Regional President of the Southern New Jersey region and her team, assisting with conferences, leadership meetings and events, and also working closely with local outside organizations on Wells Fargo sponsorships,” Kru explained.

“I believe that the most valuable part of my experience was working closely with employees of such a powerful organization that showed me every day the importance of strong leadership and the impact it can make on the work that is produced,” Kru said. She also explained something she found helpful during her internship: she took notes in a little notebook of the things her managers would do that inspired her. “If I were ever lucky enough to be put in a position of leadership in my career in the future, I would remember to do those things as well,” Kru said.

This celeb sure looks like she’s had quite the start, but be sure to keep watching her as Kruthika continues her journey to the higher ups of the financial world!