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Kevin Kim: President Of Student Government

This week’s profile is the President of Student Government, Kevin Kim, a senior Biology major. In addition to Student Government, Kim is involved in many other extra-curricular activities such as TCNJ Ambassadors, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, and Alternative Break Club. Kim was involved in student government at his high school, and continued his involvement when he got to The College of New Jersey, as he became a part of student government the fall of his freshman year. Since then, Kim has worked his way up the ranks in student government from when he first joined as a Senator of Science, then became the Alternate Student Trustee – a 2 year position – and now the Student Body President. It is obvious that Kim has always been passionate about student government, and when asked why he is so passionate Kim stated that he “likes knowing things and being in the loop” and also because he wants to “make a difference.”

Being the Student Body President is no simple feat – it is a lot of responsibility. Kim describes one of the challenges of being Student Body President as “trying to represent the best interest of the students to the administrators and the administrators to the students.” Essentially, it is to keep an “open line of communication” between both the students and the administrators so that students can have the best experience possible at TCNJ.

When asked where Kim foresees himself post-college, he says he is not sure because he has “many interests” but was able to narrow it down to either the technology, health care, or the legal field. Kim states that he plans on doing a lot of life learning, as he stated that he “is not a classroom learner.” His outlook on life represents the quote that he lives by which is “everything is going to be just fine.” Although Kim does not know where his next step is, he is bound for success with his positive mindset.

Kim’s favorite thing about TCNJ is “hands down, the people and the community. People are so nice here and they care about you from staff, faculty, to students.” With that said he wishes that he would’ve branched out of biology in a formal way by getting a dual degree or a minor because he realized too late that he did not want to exclusively do biology. Therefore, his advice for other students is to “get out of your comfort zone, and do something new everyday.”

Good luck in the future Kevin! You are going to do great things! And remember no matter what happens that everything is going to be just fine!

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