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John Nally

Attention All HC Readers: This week’s campus cutie is a guy who is extremely passionate about everything he does, and is super cute! He is a musician, an activist, and always looking to help those in need. You can catch this campus cutie walking around enjoying the beautiful campus or in a hurry to help his fellow Bonners in a current project. Meet this week’s campus cutie: John Nally!

Name: John Nally?Nickname: “Nally”, “Jay”, “Jay Nallz” ?
Age: 19?
Year: sophomore?
Hometown: Morristown “Mo-Town”?
Major: Special Education/ MST?
Hobbies: Making sweet music
Favorite Movie: Forrest Gump
Favorite musicians: Bob Marley, Grateful Dead, The Allman Brothers?
Favorite Book: This amazingly popular text called Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth and  anything written by Mitch Albom?
Plans after TCNJ: Teaching
Best Experience at TCNJ so far: “TOO MANY! The most memorable would be the 2011 EOF summer program and the Bonner New Orleans Trip!?
Why did you choose TCNJ: Education programs, BEAUTIFUL campus, affordability/ opportunities EOF!!!?
Favorite Things about TCNJ: NJCF, BONNER, EOF, meal equiv!?
Pet Peeves: Ignorance, derogatory words, any form of hate or neglect
Describe yourself in three words: Searching, reflecting, helping?
Favorite thing to do on campus: Sitting in the wooden adirondack chairs and gaze into the clouds or sit out by the lakes?
If you could have one super power, what would it be, and why? Fly like an angel let my spirit carry me?

Anything else you would like the TCNJ community to know about you?  Be Thankful for what God has given you, pass it on, and shed some positive light in your community

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