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Jessica Glynn, Paving a Path in Student Affairs

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at TCNJ chapter.

Senior political science major Jessica Glynn is well on her way to paving a career in Student Affairs. As the Vice President of Governmental Affairs in Student Government, and this week’s Campus Celebrity, Jess has no qualms putting students first.

Jess credits her Student Government involvement to enhancing her TCNJ experience and to inspiring her future career plans.  “I originally joined SG because I was looking to get involved in something at TCNJ that was able to empower its members to make real differences on campus.  I also had some friends that were just getting started in the organization as well, so I decided to go see what it was all about.  That was the best decision I’ve ever made.  Not only did I find my career through this organization, but I met some of the most incredible people I’ve ever met and I’m proud to call many of them my best friends.”

Beyond Student Government Jess is involved in Omicron Delta Kappa Leadership Honor Society, the Mediation Program, the Community Standards Board and works as intern in the Leadership Office through TCNJ’s CEI Program.

As Vice President of Governmental Affairs, Jess works closely with student organizations. “My committee and I take care of all the ‘governing’ parts of Student Government.  We oversee all student organizations and particularly focus on approving new student organizations.”

While serving in this role, Jess and her committee aimed to create a new way to advocate for student concerns. “Along with our Executive Vice President, Mike Chiumento, we co-founded the internal lobbying committee whose sole purpose is to meet with administrators to discuss various issues on campus.”

Another project Jess has become involved with is the creation of Collegiate Link (the official name is still in the works!), a program stemming from the Division of Student Affairs that will be coming to TCNJ this fall.

“It is a program that will allow each organization to have its own Facebook-like page, which will make it much easier for students to research all the organizations, for groups to communicate with each other and for the TCNJ community to know what’s happening on campus.  It will collectively organize all the events happening at TCNJ to make it much more convenient to know about all the amazing programs that happen on any given day at TCNJ.”

Jess also works as a CEI intern in the Leadership Office, a fairly new office on campus that was created a few years ago and is headed by its director, Avani Rana. On her work in the office, Jess noted, “the projects and programs are rapidly expanding, and with just the two of us manning the office, things definitely get pretty crazy!”

The Leadership Office was responsible for bringing the LeaderShape Instiutute to TCNJ for the first time this past winter. A participant herself, Jess said, “I think anyone who attended can speak volumes about how much of an impact the program itself and the people who attended have had on each of our lives.”

As Jess looks to her future as a graduate student in Student Affairs, she fondly reflects on her time at TCNJ. Recalling how her Student Government involvements and other roles have prepared her for her next move, Jess said, “I know who I am and the kind of person I want to be through my work in these programs.  I know that I will always have people who I can fall back on, who I trust with my life, and who will be there to support me no matter what.  The bonds I’ve made through SG and CEI will carry me through to my next steps, and I couldn’t be more thankful!”