Jenny Le '19

Name: Jenny Le           

Grade: Freshman, 2019           

Major: Open Options Pre-Law

Hometown: Cinnaminson, New Jersey

Dream Job: Corporate Attorney

Favorite Quote: “We are what we repeatedly do” - Aristotle

Role Model: “I look up to a lot of older people in my life, but my mom has always encouraged me to set a goal of what I wanted to be like in 10 years- and make that my role model. It’s the idea of modeling yourself into the perfect human being that is realistic (or a little over ambitious) to help you strive to be the greatest ‘you’ that you can possibly be. I am happy to say my future goals of graduating, doing well in law school, and securing a job are all apart of my imagined ‘role model;’ these expectations are standards I would like to achieve. I believe many people should try to use this method to find inspiration for themselves, because it is an easy way to boost your own individualism and self-confidence.”

Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving, “because of the food, family- and yes I celebrate ‘Friends-giving’ on Wednesday before Thanksgiving too!”

Favorite Movie(s): Batman Dark Knight Trilogy and Step Brothers

Favorite song/artist/genre: “It varies from week to week because I love all types of music. For studying: classical music or rap instrumentals; for partying: EDM or rap; for lounging: alternative rock, acoustics, or reggae; for driving: pop music, country, or rap. By majority you could say rap, but as for artists I listen to them all… quiz me or show me someone new I’m sure to enjoy it!”

Favorite TV Show: “Like music, I can’t choose, but if I had to cut myself off at one genre on Netflix I could live happily in the comedy section: The Office, Arrested Development, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Archer, That 70’s Show.”

Hobbies: Napping, social gatherings, event planning, and debating.

Fun Fact: “I’m a first generation Vietnamese American with 34 first cousins that live in Vietnam; I speak, write, and read it. Also I spent two weeks there this summer with my family.”

#1 Thing on Bucket List: Travel European countries for at least one month (“I mean I took French in high school?”)