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Jay Kane: Choosing an Alternate Winter Break with ABC

“So, how was your winter break?”

Upon our return to The College, it seems that we’re all faced with this same generic question, which typically calls for an equally generic response: “Uh, it was okay...didn’t do too much.”

But if you were to ask Jay Kane, a TCNJ Senior Philosophy major that same question, we can assure you, you’ll get a much more exciting response:

“Over Winter break, I traveled with ABC to New Orleans,” said Kane, who dedicated his time to rebuild houses destroyed by Hurricane Katrina nearly seven years ago.

During his stay in New Orleans, Kane and other members of his group finished tiling in a foyer, a bathroom, and a kitchen, finished subflooring in two bedrooms, and bamboo flooring in a master bedroom.

But Kane was doing so much more than simply rebuilding homes. Along with his fellow members of the Alternate Break Club, Kane was rebuilding lives and helping people move forward from their tragic circumstances. Their week of service brought displaced homeowners a week closer to moving into their newly renovated homes.

Alternative Break Club is an organization that gathers students who want to use their Winter and Spring breaks to benefit those in need. In addition to their life changing ventures, Kane says they fundraise, host on-campus events and incorporate plenty of team bonding; “I walked away from the trip closer to 55 other TCNJ students—as we all share the passion developed from this amazing experience.”

But Kane’s knack for helping others doesn’t stop at ABC; he is a tutor at TCNJ’s Tutoring Center and holds leadership positions in the Leadership Development Program and Colleges Against Cancer. He can also be found in the Experimental Philosophy Lab, where he works as a research assistant.

“I am very interested in Environmental Studies, and currently writing a thesis on Environmental Pragmatism,” said Kane, “I am also in the process of applying to law schools.”

With all of his outside activities, it’s amazing that Kane still insisted on using his down time to help others.

“ABC expanded my worldview and perspective much wider and clearer than before,” said Kane, “I now see how valuable my service is and I am much more motivated to volunteer looking ahead.”

This March, ABC will be giving students with Kane’s outstanding attitude the perfect opportunity to make a difference. “Our Spring service trips will be to Guyan Valley, West Virginia and New Orleans,” said Kane.

“I encourage all TCNJ students to find a way down to New Orleans and give your service in any way you can, whether its through ABC, another organization, or by yourself,” Kane said.

For anyone interested, ABC urges students to check out the first info session on Wednesday, January 25th in the Decker Main Lounge at 8:30. You can also check their website at tcnjabc.weebly.com or send an email to abc@tcnj.edu.

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