I'm Finally Going on a Spring Break Vacation - and I Couldn't be More Excited

Spring Break is often seen as the epitome of a college student’s experience. It’s what all the movies are about, and everyone on campus thinks about spring break for months, especially because it’s the first taste of warm weather for the year (sometimes).

Almost everyone I know experiences that sense of FOMO when they’re the “only one” not going on a vacation, including myself. Every year, I hear people talk about their plans and see pictures on Instagram of people traveling to Mexico, Florida, the Caribbean, and more. This year, I was determined to go on at least one spring break trip by the time I graduated. I’m currently a senior in college, and that goal is finally coming true.

For Spring Break 2019, I will be heading to California to visit my boyfriend, and I couldn’t be more excited! We already have quite a few day trips planned from Malibu to San Diego to Long Beach, and more. Not only do I get to spend time with my boyfriend, who I haven’t seen in over two months, but I get to enjoy my last week off before I start my job in May in one of the coolest places in the United States.  

I’ve been to California twice before, and it’s my favorite place that I’ve ever visited. While I’ll always be an East Coast girl at heart, there’s just something about California that I love but just can’t quite put my finger on. I like New York, but in my opinion, it just can’t compare to LA. Whenever I’ve gone to Downtown Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Universal Studios, etc., I’m always amazed, and I never want to leave. I know this vacation is going to be an adventure and is definitely going to be one for the books, so I can’t wait!

As a senior, because the senioritis is really starting to set in, I’m counting down the days until my third trip to the Golden State. California, here I come!