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I Tried Glossier Skincare And Here’s What Happened

Glossier is an incredible, on-trend brand that creates healthy products for your skin and has made makeup playful again. Feeding into this ideal that Glossier promotes, I knew I had to try it for myself, to see if it was more than just a name brand I was purchasing. I wanted to know if their quality matched their reputation.

I took a quiz to determine what kind of skin I had, and they gave me instructions on which products would work best for me. When I tried these products the cute packaging immediately hooked me, but I was still weary on whether or not it was just another fad. Below are my honest and concise reactions during the four to six week journey I impulsively embarked on to improve my skin, and my concluding thoughts.

Week One: 

No results yet, but I wasn’t expecting a miracle right off the bat. My skin has been feeling dewy and I’ve noticed a few breakouts because of changing to the new routine. It’s hard to figure out how much of this product to use and I’ve noticed the moisturizer makes me look somewhat oily. 

Week Two: 

My breakouts are starting to go away, and I’m noticing a few less blemishes on my face. I feel like my skin is looking brighter and this product is making my skin feel slightly younger, tighter, and healthier.  

Week Three: 

I have not had any new breakouts, it’s been a week since my last outbreak. Now my skin is looking super dewy and bright. I think I’m starting to obsess over this new skincare routine. 

Week Four:

I am absolutely in love with this stuff, milk jelly cleanser and drops are some of my current favorites. It’s changed my perspective on caring about my skin because of how easy and effective it is.

Week Five-Six:

My skin has never been cleaner or softer! I definitely think this product has changed the game, especially for me, in terms of skincare.

[bf_image id="q5ekwv-98iz8w-7uzd7g"]

Without a doubt, Glossier skincare is now my today and always. As someone who has occasional breakouts and combination skin (oily and dry) depending on the season, I think Glossier skincare has cured me completely and given me confidence no other skincare line can. I have fun doing my routine, and enjoy the outcome of Glossier’s hard work. I cannot attest to those who have difficult skin, but I do wholeheartedly recommend it to those who have oily to dry combination skin like mine. By taking the test, you can find the right routine for you. Although somewhat expensive, Glossier has skincare bundles that can help you save money while getting all the products you need. I let glossier skincare change my world, will you? 


Erin is a senior at The College of New Jersey; she majors in Communications and is minoring in Professional Writing and Graphic Design. Erin is currently HCTCNJ's President. When she's not writing, Erin runs on TCNJ's track team; she loves to read, dance around, and spend time with her friends.
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