I Stopped Drinking Coffee And It's Been Pretty Great

So, here’s the tea.

I know- you’re probably wondering how I go about my daily life without coffee. Trust me, some days, I am so ready to just cave and get an extra large coffee to keep me from falling asleep standing up. But honestly, drinking tea every day isn’t as bad as you would think! And to be honest, I think it tastes better too. About a year ago, I had figured out that whenever I drank coffee, I would have a debilitating stomach ache later that day. I couldn’t do anything but lay around. (You’d think that wouldn’t be a bad thing.) Of course I was crushed, but my health was more important, so I decided to switch over to tea as a hopeful cure. It worked, and I haven’t gone back! Some teas actually have caffeine in them. It’s natural though, which makes it better for your body. It wakes me up in the morning, and I don’t have a terrible crash in the middle of the day like I used to with coffee. Plus, there are so many things tea can help with, like sleeping, immune support, and energy, like I mentioned. Plus, my skin cleared up since I started drinking tea rather than coffee, so how could I even consider going back? If you’re looking for an alternative to coffee but still need the energy during the day, I highly recommend giving tea a try! Here are some teas I can’t live without:

Yogi Raspberry Passion Perfect Energy


I drink this every morning, and it has just enough caffeine to get me through my day. I usually add a little honey, and I am good to go!


Republic of Tea Ginger Peach


This is the perfect tea for fall, but if I’m being honest, I drink it all year round. It’s perfect for waking up or settling in for bed.


Teavana White Chocolate Peppermint Roobios

If you’re a psycho for Christmas like I am, this is the tea to try. Every sip is the embodiment of my favorite holiday, and I really am not exaggerating. Only problem is that it doesn’t come in a tea bag, but that’s a minor issue that is totally manageable to experience the taste.