I Spent My Fall Break Doing Homework, and I'm Okay with That

Mid-October is a time that TCNJ students always look forward to for one simple reason: Fall Break. While most of my peers spent their fall break catching up with family, taking a mini vacation, or watching Netflix, I spent my break doing homework and catching up on assignments for class and work, and I’m okay with that.

Throughout the semester, it can be extremely hard to find time to fit everything into my schedule, even on the weekends, so a break for me simply means having the time to catch up on things as well as get a head start on what’s to come for the rest of the semester. And because I did school work for a good portion of the break, I valued the little time I got to share with my boyfriend, the phone calls to my parents, and the catch-up text messages that I should’ve been sending all month long.

Once classes started up again after break, I still felt rejuvenated because I knew that I was prepared for the second half of the semester since I dedicated a good amount of time to planning out all my assignments until the last day of classes. In other words, I feel content with where I am and don’t feel rushed or stressed.

Although, like anyone, I wish I could’ve spent more time doing fun things over Fall Break, I know that there’s still many breaks to look forward to throughout the year from Thanksgiving Break to Winter Break to Spring Break, and I already have some fun adventures planned. So, to the second half of the semester, bring it!