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The Hunger Games Inspired Exercises

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at TCNJ chapter.

If your workout routine is taking a hit from the chilly weather, get re-inspired by Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss in The Hunger Games! Aside from learning how to shoot a bow and arrow, Jennifer Lawrence had to do some serious training to get in shape for these movies.

Not only does Katniss have some serious confidence, but her survival skills combine strength with functional moves that allows her to sprint and dodge through the wildfire during the Games. Take a cue from Jennifer and tackle these strength-training exercises so that you can also be ready for survival, even throughout finals week!

  1. Archer’s Row: Assume push-up position with dumbbells or kettle bells in hands. One arm at a time, lift the weight as if drawing back a bow and squeezing your shoulder blades as close together as possible.
  1. Dodging Fire Jumps: Start off balancing on one leg, the other crossed and behind, with all weight to one side. Bring the back leg forward and jump sideways landing onto it, while at the same time bringing the other leg backwards and behind. This helps to strengthen inner thigh muscles and will increase agility.
  1.  Bear Squat: This move is designed to help with balance and explosiveness. Begin on all fours. Bend knees and bring them close to the ground while shifting your weight backwards, tighten your glutes and let your feet hold most of the weight. Your arms should be nearly straight.  Quickly shift the weight forward, onto your arms, tightening your abs. This move looks like a lateral squat, similar to when runners prepare on the blocks before a sprint.