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The worst feeling in the world is when you feel like you simply cannot get anything right in your life. You are going around and around and nothing is working out the way you would want it to. It is so common to just want to crawl into a dark hole and never come out of it. Life can simply just not go the way you are planning it to go and that’s ok but it’s frustrating at the same time and sometimes you may just feel like you have no idea how to get yourself out of a dark place. Personally, I have found myself in a slump more times than I would like to admit. Slumps are no fun but I am here to try and help you get back on track! Here are a few tips to get yourself out of a slump and back on track:

Tip #1: Try something new. Whether that be picking up a pen and putting it to paper to try to explain all the thoughts in your head or getting out there and trying yoga just try something that is so out of your comfort zone. You never know when you will fall in love with something new and exciting in your life. Dive into the unexpected experiences that come your way because inthe end you may find yourself on a new path that changes your life in amazing ways.  

Tip #2: Celebrate even the littlest things in your life. Believe me when I say that every positive thing that happens to you deserves attention. You are allowed to be happy for the beautiful moments and experiences in your life. When life seems to be in a slump and just stuck you must appreciate the good. Reward yourself because you deserve happiness. 

Tip #3: Replace your negative thoughts with positive ones. It is time to stop letting the negative in your life take control and override the good. Let yourself be happy and free and grateful for all the good that has happened to you. By letting yourself get in your head and dwell on bad you allow power to be given to those negative thoughts. 

Tip #4: Allow yourself to take time for yourself. Being alone is an amazing thing and it is so important to take time to just focus on you and get yourself to a good state of mind. Take time to read and write and just let your thoughts be your thoughts. Being alone will allow you to get back on track and finally get to a good space mentally and physically. Personally, I find it so good to just workout by myself and make myself feel goodmentally so that I would feel good physically.

Tip #5: Be ok with not being ok. Life simply gets in the way sometimes and it’s so easy to get mixed up in the emotions of things. Allow yourself to cry and be sad and feel all those emotions because when you finally get everything you are feeling out you will feel so much better. Not being ok is a normal thing.You can not get back on track if you don’t allow yourself to feel all of your emotions.

Emma Pascarella is a Senior attending The College of New Jersey. Emma is majoring in Journalism&Professional writing with a minor in Psychology in hopes to be a broadcast journalist when she graduates! Emma is also a member on the women’s soccer team at The College of New Jersey. XOXO