How the Technology Age Changes The Way We Date

Is chivalry dead? Well, it certainly seems less common today than ever before. Since the invention of texting, social media, and apps like Tinder, the dating scene has changed forever.

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Nowadays, it is not unusual to hear that a relationship originated from a confident slide into the DM’s. Before, when phones were connected to wires in their walls, couples would go hours without communication. Nowadays, we have phones that can fit into our pockets. Many of us begin to feel insecure when their romantic interest hasn’t responded within fifteen minutes.

Texting has become the main form of communication and calling someone up on the phone is becoming more rare. With all these communication platforms, some conversations are initiated that would not have began in real life. It allows for more confidence. It may seem better to be rejected via a message on a screen than face to face. However, it is causing a decrease in romantic gestures that were common years ago. Receiving a text to come “Netflix and chill” is more common than an in person invitation for a nice night out. Romance is becoming something that seems to only exist in movies or books.

Social media also exposes people to hundreds of potential dating partners. Years ago, people would only know of who they meet in person. Today, you can go on Tinder and swipe through hundreds of people. New connections are constantly made. Monogamous relationships are becoming more difficult. Many people talk to and date multiple others at a time before settling down with one. The term “side chick” definitely did not exist ten years ago. The technology age and social media can also create problems in the dating-sphere that parents nowadays don’t understand. Although it is something small, it is easy for jealousy to foster when you see your boyfriend Snapchat another girl or like their photo.

The dating world will only continue to change. Romance still exists. If someone displays some old fashioned romantic chivalry, that diamond in the rough should be held on to.

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