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If you’re anything like me, finding a tv show that you actually enjoy is exciting. And I usually take the route of binging. If it’s that good. After perusing Netflix, I’d like to say that I have successfully binge watched a lot of tv shows. I have compiled a list of how to successfully binge watch a show yourself.


  1. Get comfortable.

    I always prop up my sleeping pillow and a throw pillow for all binge watching purposes. If you aren’t comfortable, your binge watching will not be enjoyable and you will probably not end up watching anything.

  2. Have lots of snacks. 

    There isn’t anything worse than watching a long show on an empty stomach.

  3. Drink a ton of water. 

    Staring at a screen for hours on end isn’t very comfortable, so stay hydrated. It gives you a reason to take bathroom breaks and rest your eyes.

  4. Find activities you can do while watching.

    In order to be a bit productive, do some activities. I recommend menial tasks like folding laundry, cleaning your room, or even washing dishes. Activities like painting and crafting don’t take a lot of concentration, so that’s great too. I personally embroider a lot when I watch tv.

  5. Have a box of tissues ready. 

    You never know when it’ll hit you. But be ready in case those tears slip out.

  6. Tell a friend.

    It’s always fun to share your interests with people. Maybe they’ll want to watch, and now you have a binge buddy.

  7. Stretch a little.

    Sitting in one position for hours isn’t ideal, so take a minute to do some stretches. Trust me, it’ll maximise your viewing pleasure. 


If you do these few things, I promise you’ll be a pro in binge watching TV shows. I watched 7 seasons of Parks and Recreation in 6 days, so I think I know what I’m talking about. So go. Binge watch to your heart’s delight.

Minji Kim

TCNJ '22

Minji is a senior English and Elementary Education major who is passionate about skincare, turtlenecks, and accurate book-to-movie adaptations.
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