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How to Strengthen Your Relationship with Your Significant Other

Trying to balance a healthy romantic relationship while dealing with school, work, friendships, family time and alone time can be a tricky thing to do. Especially when you or your significant other are going through a difficult time in their life. It’s easy to let your relationship move to the back burner when you’re going through a rough time, and it can put a lot of pressure on the other person to put in 100% of their effort while you can only muster the strength to put in 20%. In times like these, it is extremely important to stay close to each other.

First and foremost, you should be able to openly communicate with your partner. It’s not necessarily a skill you’re born with, but it is the key to a healthy relationship. If you’re feeling neglected, you shouldn’t suffer in silence. Your partner might not have any clue that you’ve been feeling that way and by bringing it up, you can discuss solutions that will make both of you happy.

Just as you should feel comfortable with expressing how you feel, you should be as open as possible to hearing what your partner has to say in response. Nobody wants to hear criticism, but take the time to listen to their concerns. You may not realize that some of the things you say or do are often hurtful. By creating a comfortable environment where your significant other feels heard, you open yourself up to a more loving and overall happy relationship.

Another important thing to do is to spend plenty of quality time with your significant other. As a Sophomore in college, I can understand the difficulty of doing so when your S/O goes to another school. Whether this time is in person or over the phone, make sure to set aside a specific time frame that is just meant for the two of you. Put the phones away, or if you’re using your phone to talk, mute all other distractions. Eye contact is important, and try to avoid all other distractions. Quality time isn’t about how long you spend or even if you’re with your S/O in person. It’s all about giving your partner your absolute undivided attention.

If you’re having trouble finding ways to strengthen your relationship and make your partner feel more loved, you can download the LoveNudge App. If you have ever heard of the Five Love Languages quiz, this app works directly off of that. You can create a profile, and take the Five Love Languages quiz to find out what makes you feel the most loved. The app helps you to set goals that you can complete for your significant other, based on the language that makes them feel the most loved. Goals range from saying “I love you” to surprising your partner with a gift. Sitting down with your partner to set goals that would make them the most happy starts a healthy conversation. From there, it is up to you to keep up with goals. Your partner can let you know how loved they’re feeling by using a scale from 0-100%. What I love about using this app is that it avoids repetitive conversations about what your partner can do to make you feel more loved.

Overall, it’s very important to strengthen your relationship with your partner, especially when one or both of you are facing obstacles. All you need to do is start a simple conversation, and it can change your relationship for the better

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