How I Feel About Lauv’s Album '~how i’m feeling~'

So you were just about to get your life together when COVID-19 decided that maybe you shouldn’t, huh? As much as I wish I could say I was on the road to getting my shit together if I’m being honest with you, I wasn’t. However, now that I am jobless *cries while missing the bookstore* and stuck at home *with no therapy :D*, I’ve had a lot of time to daydream. More than the usual amount of daydreaming I did prior to the quarantine. 


What better to accompany my daydreams than some feelings brought to you by Lauv himself. Even though ~how i’m feeling~ has been out for about two weeks or so, it’s an album that I keep returning, whether it’s during an accidental early morning or a very late night. In ~how i’m feeling~, Lauv taps into his different personality traits, which are divided by different colors, as shown on the cover. 


Before getting into some of my favorite tracks, here’s what each of the colors means to him: 

  • Purple: existential

  • Blue: hopeless romantic

  • Red: spicy

  • Yellow: positive

  • Green: goofy

  • Orange: f-boy


Each track resembles either one or multiple of these traits, and here are a few that stuck out to me and were the background of all the times I’ve zoned out since the album came out!


  1. “Who” ft. BTS (Purple)

“Feeling hypnotized by the words that you said / Don't lie to me, just get in my head”

In this daydream, some girl definitely just broke my heart. Oh, how she’s changed, how she’s become so inconsistent with her feelings about me. Does she exist? No. Nonetheless, I lay in bed staring out of the window, mourning a relationship I have never had. 


  1. Canada ft Alessia Cara (Yellow & Blue)

“And when they talk about those / People who up and leave / That could be us”

I really do enjoy the features in this album, Lauv picked out some great artists to work with! Canada brings out my traveling fantasies. The ones where I can actually afford to go places without worrying about the financial burden of it all. Constantly looking at the news (not necessarily as everything is falling apart everywhere in the world) and listening to upcoming elections, everything politicians are doing wrong, scandals, it all just makes me want to up and leave even if it’s just for a little bit. However, I do not have that type of financial stability or wealth to live that lifestyle, so I’ll keep dreaming about Canada.


  1. Changes (Purple)

“Moments / Living with your eyes half-open / You've been thinking 'bout these changes”

For me, this goes with the idea that came from Canada, except instead of changing places, I’m changing things about myself. Not in a “let me change my whole identity so I become unrecognizable” kind of way but, as someone who has a hard time with change, it doesn’t really mean I don’t want it, it’s just scary – which is why I spend more time dreaming about it instead of doing it. 


  1. Invisible Things (Green & Yellow)

“It’s the invisible things that that I love the most / It’s the way that I feel when I when I hold you close / Because everything I lose, oh it comes and goes”

Whether this song is addressing a significant other or a friend is unknown to me, but I take it as talking about a friend. Because since it’s been a few moments since I’ve mentioned this, there is no significant other in my life and there’s only so many songs where I can imagine it. However, now more than ever, I do find myself missing my friends and wishing I could see them in person. 

A last-minute NYC trip because we’re celebrating the birthday of someone who’s not even there just because it’s fun. Planning beach trips or river walks, or even just staying in and being in each other’s company. I’m not someone who goes out a lot generally, so I really enjoy the time that I do spend with people, even if there aren’t any big plans. Sometimes the company is just nice. 


Honorable Mentions: 

  1. Sad Forever 

  2. El Tejano ft. Sofia Reyes

  3. Sweatpants


~how i’m feeling~ picks out at different moods and feelings, which I really enjoy because he’s not trying to stick to just one thing. Sometimes the upbeat songs are the sad ones and sometimes the more mellow songs are the happiest. 


You can listen to Lauv’s entire album on Spotify & Apple Music, as well as watch the visuals he made for some of the tracks!


Youtube:  ~how i’m feeling~

Spotify: ~how i’m feeling~

Apple Music: ~how i’m feeling~