How to Get in the Holiday Spirit During Finals

Finals season is upon us. We’re all mentally preparing ourselves to spend all-nighters in the library, drown our sorrows in multiple cups of coffee, and count down the minutes until we can go home. If you’re anything like me, you love the holidays but find it so difficult to get into the holiday spirit when exams and papers control your life for two weeks. Luckily, here are some easy ways to get in the holiday spirit without sacrificing any valuable study time.


Holiday playlists

Jam out to a curated holiday playlist on Spotify while you’re frantically writing your final papers. If you really feel like procrastinating, make one of your own and share it with someone else who needs a pick-me-up! There’s enough festive music out there to last you the entire finals period.


Christmas cookies and holiday flavored coffee

Don’t forget to stay nourished when cramming for exams. Christmas cookies are the best way to keep your brain healthy and your holiday spirit in check (okay, maybe there are better options but who would say no to cookies?) Pair them with some holiday flavored coffees like  peppermint or gingerbread and you’ll be too jolly to be stressed out.

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Take notes in red and green pens

It seems like more work than it should be, but sometimes color coding your notes can help you remember them! Your page will be aesthetically pleasing as opposed to regular blue or black ink, and you could even go a step further and add some holiday doodles when you’re spaced out for a few minutes.


Twenty minute study break: The Office Christmas episodes

These episodes are funny enough to watch year-round, but actually watching them during the holiday season a must. And if Michael Scott can’t cure your finals blues, well, you might have to go watch The Grinch instead.

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Happy holidays and good luck on finals!