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How to Conquer Eickhoff Hall

As an incoming freshman, walking through the doors of the dining hall can be extremely overwhelming. There are about 200 people swarming around various food locations, only to decide that they don’t actually want what Quimby’s Kitchen is serving for dinner that night or that the line at the burrito place is just too long. My advice to you, as an incoming freshman myself, is to master Eickhoff Hall within the first few days of being there. Hopefully these tips and tricks can help you become the king or queen of Eickhoff Hall!


In the morning, there is usually your basic breakfast options. Omelets, breakfast meats, and home fries. There are always bagels, toast, and cereal. If you ever plan on toasting a bagel or bread, do not stand directly in front of the condiments and toaster. Other people are trying to get their morning meal in too, and you do not want to be the one backing up traffic. Also, don’t be afraid to put your bread or bagel in with someone else’s! If everyone took their own separate turn with the toaster, it would take an hour to get in and out of Eickhoff. If you want some type of milk, the morning is the time to drink it. Usually by dinner time, the milk machines are empty or in the process of being filled.


Here are some breakfast meal hacks that you can mix together to create something new:

1. Bagel + Scrambled Eggs + Breakfast Meat = Breakfast Sandwich

2. Waffles + Ice Cream = Belgian Waffles

3. Pancakes + Sausage = Pigs in a Blanket


Lunch time is one of the least crowded times at Eickhoff Hall. Most students use meal equivalency at various other locations that count as a swipe in the dining hall. Be aware that going over $8.31 WILL use your meal points. When you start eating sushi everyday at the Stud, these points will rapidly be taken out of your account. If you’re running low on points, head over to Eickhoff for a nice sandwich at the Deli. The first time going up to the Deli can be extremely nerve racking because you have absolutely no idea what kind of lunch meats, cheeses, or toppings are stored behind their glass. Have no fear because the workers are extremely friendly and will tell you if they’re out of something. Not to mention, they always have small bags of chips that can be taken and used for a snack later in the day.


Here are some lunch meal hacks that you can mix together to create something new:

1. Chips + Salsa = Chips and Salsa

2. Fries + Shredded Cheese = Cheese Fries

3. Hard boiled eggs + mayonnaise + mustard = egg salad

Dinner time around 5:00 pm is the absolute worst time to be at Eickhoff Hall. Just about everyone on campus is herding through the doors to get their final meal of the night. This is not the time to walk and text around the dining hall. It is a high traffic area at this time and people will become increasingly annoyed with you. Quimby’s Kitchen always has a meat, starch, and vegetable to give for dinner, so you can never go wrong with that. If you’re feeling a little lazy, you could head over to the pizza or pasta places for a quick bite. Overall, don’t go to the burrito place if you know you have a class soon after because it almost always has an extremely long line at dinner time.


Here are some dinner meal hacks that you can mix together to create something new:

1. Pasta + Alfredo Sauce + Chicken = Chicken Alfredo

2. Toasted Bread + Tomato + Lettuce + Bacon Bits = BLT Sandwich

3. Plain Pasta + Butter + Broccoli = Cavatelli and Broccoli


Everyone’s favorite part of Eickhoff Hall is the desert menu, even if they say it isn’t. There is different deserts out all day everyday. This is where you really have to be cautious of the freshman fifteen. You don’t think that 2 cookies and an ice cream cone can do much harm, but they can do some serious damage when you eat them everyday. Be aware that some of the ice cream cones develop holes in them, so always check the bottom! If there is one thing that the dining hall teaches students, it’s how to make a perfect ice cream cone.


Here are some dessert hacks that you can mix together to create something new:

1. 2 cookies + Ice Cream = Ice Cream Sandwich

2. Ice Cream + Cereal Toppings = Ice Cream Sundae

Emily is a junior at The College of New Jersey. She is double majoring in Elementary Special Education and English.
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