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Hillary Clinton: Making a Run for President

Hillary Clinton: First Lady, U.S. Senator, Secretary of State, and now, for the second time, potential U.S. democratic presidential candidate.    

Even before becoming First Lady to her husband President Bill, Hillary had already accumulated an impressive background.

After attending Wellesly College, where she was elected Senior Class President, Hillary Rodham attended Yale Law School where she graduated with honors, according to FirstLadies.org. Hillary continued her education at the Yale Child Study Center for one year, where she enrolled in courses concerning medicine and children, according to a CNN article.

Proceeding her formal education, Hillary participated in several democratic campaign committees, taught at the University of Arkansas School of Law, raised her daughter, Chelsea, joined a law firm, and served on boards offering legal services in Arkansas, according to FirstLadies.org.

Fast forward to Bill Clinton’s 1992 Presidential campaign; Hillary evolved into a strong and vigorous partner next to her charismatic husband.

As First Lady, Hillary became an activist for children’s health insurance and women’s rights.  She played a crucial role in the passing of the Adoption and Safe Families Act, the creation of Children’s Health Insurance Program, and the establishment of a Violence Against Women office in the Department of Justice, according to FirstLadies.org.

Though Hillary was able to achieve meaningful projects during her husband’s presidency, she too had to endure her fair share of tribulations. Proceeding the failure of Whitewater’s real estate project in Arkansas, Morgan Guaranty Savings and Loan, Hillary was compelled to appear before a federal grand jury, according to CNN. Though no charges were filed against her, the Whitewater controversy became a blemish on the Clinton administration.

The infamous 1998 Monica Lewinsky sex scandal too impeded the Clinton administration. Articles of impeachment were filed against Hillary’s husband, but Bill was able to remain in office until the end of his term due to a failure to convict, said CNN.

Hillary then became the first First Lady to seek and win a Senator’s office, as well as the first woman senator of New York. After reelection into the Senate, Hillary announced in 2006 her interest in becoming the first female president, according to CNN.

Originally the frontrunner for the democratic nomination for Presidency, Clinton trailed behind Barack Obama for the 2008 democratic nomination. Soon after his election, President Obama appointed Hillary the Secretary of State, which she accepted and kept until 2013, according to NBC.com. She’s the only First Lady to become a Cabinet secretary.

Back at it again, on April 12, it was officially announced that Hillary would seek the democratic presidential candidacy for 2016. According to CNN, once more, she is considered a front-runner.

Some things have changed since Hillary’s previous presidential campaign: Hillary is now a grandmother, finds herself in another scandal involving personal email accounts discussing professional work, and the public now wonders if Hillary is able to connect with the average American citizen, after living such a unique and exciting life?

“I’m hitting the road to earn your vote,” said Hillary in a promotion video formally announcing her campaign. Hillary has already begun her nationwide tour meeting and conversing with voters, according to NBC.com. 

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