Helpful Time Management Tips

As you’re reading this right now, you're probably listening to music in the background and continuing to procrastinate on the paper you have to write, chemistry lab you have to finish, or studying for that upcoming exam. Well, it stops now! Here are some helpful time management tips for your academic success. Get ready to take out your colored pencils and planners!

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1.    Make a schedule.

Don’t just print out your classes’ schedule; leave some room for putting in some of your daily activities and outings with friends. By writing down a schedule, you can become adjusted to a daily routine. This means setting a time to wake up, go to the gym (if you want), classes, specific study time, time to hang out with your friends, club activities, plan lunch/dinner, chores, etc, and then go to sleep at a reasonable time. Overall, making a schedule ensures that you make time for everything that needs to be done and gives you a sense of balance so that you're not spending too much time on one thing when you could be completing three other things.


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2.    Get off your phone

Procrastination is your biggest enemy. Procrastination’s best friend is your phone. Everyone can admit to going on their phone when they hit a roadblock while writing a paper or studying. But is checking out your follower’s latest Instagram post going to help you finish your essay? No. Is expanding your closet by shopping online for new clothes going to help you finish your study guide for that exam? No. The best way to stay off your phone is to put it away. You can also download apps like Study Time that allows you to enter a task and a specific time you’ll spend on it. When you close the app and think about going on something else, it sends you messages promoting you to go back to studying.  


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3.    Say No!

It can be difficult to say no to hanging out with your friends, especially when their plans sound so much more fun than staying in and reading five chapters for your class. It's ultimately up to you on what you decide to do whether it's hanging out with them or staying in to study. Just don't be afraid to say no when you really need to stay in and study. Don’t feel guilty about not hanging out with them when you have work to get done. Let them know that you’re busy and look forward to hanging out with them later.


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4.    Don’t spread yourself too thin

Focus on the things that make you happy and that you enjoy doing. Spreading yourself way too thin can you leave stressed and with more problems than one. Your schedule doesn’t just have to keep you on your feet all day and busy every minute of the day. Make sure that the activities, clubs, and friends you make time for are worth it and important to you. Always make sure that you also set aside time for yourself to relax. (Phoebe gif)


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5.    Motivation is key.

As much as everyone would love to sleep in every day and not have any responsibilities, that’s just not how life works. We all have to get up and go along with life’s daily routine. Make the most of it and set goals for yourself. Have motivation and goals to accomplish. Your goals can be as simple as going to sleep before 12 am or something like making Dean’s List. As long as they’re there, you'll have the motivation to succeed. Most importantly, you'll have the motivation to get things done. Remember, everyone has the same hours in each day, but what you choose to do with them is completely up to you.