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Help Out Your TCNJ Sisters: Handbag Drive

Kappa Delta Sorority will be holding its annual “Go Confidently!” Handbag Collection through mid-October to celebrate International Women’s Friendship Month. The drive will go toward women and teen girls in need at the Boys and Girls Club of Trenton and Mercer County.

Sisters will be collecting new or gently used handbags, so ask your mom, sister, aunt, grandma, friends, teachers and neighbors if they have any bags that they would be willing to donate!

We often take for granted the feeling we get when we treat ourselves to a new handbag, so our mission is to help those less fortunate than us experience that same excitement. Our goal is to give the women who receive the bags the ability to walk more confidently with a new bag on their shoulder.

Within each handbag will be an encouraging message to help put smiles on the faces of everyone who receives a bag. After all, it only takes one simple act of kindness to give another woman that boost of confidence for her to realize her full potential.

Donations can be given to any sister in Kappa Delta Sorority, or a drop-off point can be arranged by contacting Julia Arnold, Vice President of Public Relations for Kappa Delta Sorority, at arnoldj2@tcnj.edu.

The vision of Kappa Delta Sorority is to provide opportunities and experiences for women that inspire them to greatness. As a result, Kappa Delta Sorority created National Women’s Friendship Day in 1999 to celebrate the importance of friendship among women. The response was so strong that the holiday became a month-long celebration in September now known as International Women’s Friendship Month.

For ideas on how to celebrate International Women’s Friendship Month, talk to a sister in Kappa Delta Sorority or visit the Confidence Coalition website. Also, make sure to read Her Campus TCNJ to stay up-to-date with how International Women’s Friendship Month is being celebrated on campus!

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