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HCTCNJ’s DIY Holiday Gifts 2012 (starring Rookiemag.com)


Have you been exchanging presents with the same group of friends for a few years now and run out of original gift ideas? Or are you just trying to save money while still giving gifts this holiday season? OR, are you like me, and switching from exchanging gifts to just spending time with each other while everyone’s home?

This year, instead of buying things for each other that we don’t need, some of my home friends and I have decided to just spend time with each other. The best part of exchanging presents in the past was that it always brought the four of us together, for that one night of baking and watching movies into the night and so on. This year, even if I won’t be making them decoupage notebooks or friendship bracelets, maybe we’ll make some of those and more together.

Whether you’re looking for an inexpensive and creative gift for your best friend, or a crafty activity you guys can do together while you’re all home for winter break, I hope you find something that makes your holidays a little more dazzling and DIY! Check out the “DIY” tag on rookiemag.com for more of the following!

How to Make an Actual Bookbag, like—a bag, out of a book. (In addition to decoupaging the book here, or the matchbox shrine below, you can also cut things out of magazines as you would for sticker-making, and make collages on notebook and photo-album covers, and shoeboxes and sketchbooks and picture frames and more!)

How to Make a Hairbow

Make a Terrarium/Learn what a Terrarium is! (It’s way cooler than your ordinary plant-in-a-dorm-room)

Make a Matchbox Shrine (a.k.a. the cutest thing ever), a Chai Tea Kit, and more!

Make a Pin in a Pinch.

Sweater Bow Design DIY!

Make Paper Beads! (Not gonna lie, I’m extremely excited about this one)

DIY Stickers!

DIY Paper Chandelier for the roomie!

Make chocolate bark (it’s really simple)!

Make Strawberry Jam, if you’re up for the amazingness!

Homemade Bath Bombs!

Rachel Chlebowski is an alumna of The College of New Jersey, where she sang with I-Tunes A Cappella, created props for TCNJ Musical Theater, spread literary cheer through Sigma Tau Delta English Honor Society, and wrote for Her Campus TCNJ. She enjoys reading novels and watching Netflix when she isn't editing manuscripts and media.
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