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It all started with a caramel frappuccino from Starbucks in the 8th grade. Since then, I moved from sipping vanilla lattes to downing straight black coffee without a flinch. When I began to get headaches from not drinking my daily ounce of caffeine, I knew that a change needed to take place in my habits. There were moments of weakness and intense cravings, but here I share the best tips for curbing that coffee addiction. 

  1. Slowly reduce your intake

Going cold turkey right at the beginning can cause intense caffeine withdrawals and a harder adjustment period. It is more likely for the adjustment to stick if you slowly reduce your coffee intake so your body and mind can get used to it. I did this by getting a tall instead of a grande or ordering a drink with less caffeine. 

  1. Switch to decaf

Decaf has the great taste and health benefits of normal coffee without the risk of consuming too much caffeine. I started drinking decaf after getting used to smaller cup sizes, and my body was used to less caffeine. There was a bit of an adjustment period as I experienced headaches and some intense cravings, but it ended shortly after switching. 

  1. Try tea instead

If tasting coffee is even too much of a temptation, tea may be your next best option. There are many different tea flavors, from jasmine to matcha, to suit your preferences. Sometimes all I look forward to is sipping on a hot drink in the morning, so tea provides that experience without the excess caffeine. 

  1. Tell your friends to keep you accountable

Letting other people know you are trying to make lifestyle changes makes you more motivated to stay on track because now you have something to prove. Nothing inspires me more than convincing my friends I can do something. They also remind me why I quit coffee in the first place, to develop healthier habits. This keeps my mind in the right headspace. 

  1. Rid your environment of coffee

Just like the age-old saying, “out of sight, out of mind.” Having your coffee maker in view makes it very easy to simply walk over and brew yourself a cup of Joe. The same goes for keeping coffee beans or pods that can be easily accessible. Forcing yourself to drive somewhere to fill your cravings may discourage you from going in the first place. Don’t make getting your fix easy for yourself. 

There is nothing wrong with having a small cup of coffee every day, but when a mundane ritual becomes an unhealthy dependence it might be time to stop. I hope these tips prove useful to any goals you may have!

Emma Ferschweiler is a TCNJ student who writes for Her Campus TCNJ!