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I am overjoyed that live music is back. There is something so incomparable to witnessing artists and their music live in the flesh. I bought my Governor’s Ball ticket over the summer, and I was honestly hesitant about attending at first, but I am so glad I did. 

The atmosphere was slightly different this time around, since it was held on the outskirts of Citi Field in Queens, NY (where the Mets reside) rather than the iconic Randall’s Island. Nevertheless, the energy was vibrant, and you could feel the happiness of being back radiating through not only the festival attendees, but the acts, staff, and everyone else in between.

Now to what you probably clicked on this article for: the acts. In this article I will be breaking down some of my favorite performances I witnessed that night: 


This was the first act I came across in the beginning of the day. I had never heard of MIKE before this, but thanks to the recommendation of a friend, we ended up catching his set. Mike’s music had unique cadences and was almost remnant to that of Earl Sweatshirt. The music wasn’t very mosh(y) but more of a groovy vibe. The whole crowd seemed to enjoy it (as did I) and Mike had a lot of songs dedicated to his family, which was heart warming to see. Overall, MIKE is definitely an artist I will be keeping up with.


MUNA was by far the act that had me the most hyped. I hadn’t really listened to them much before, but after their set, I was hooked. Their songs are nothing short of anthemic, and so perfect for a festival vibe. Not to mention, their lead singer, Kate Gavin is an insane vocal talent, and band members Naomi Mcpherson and Josette Maskin have incredible energy and musical ability. All of their songs sound like you’ve known them for years, even if it is your first time hearing them. Most definitely a ‘scream the lyrics in your car’ type vibe, and I will now be supporting them all the way. “Silk Chiffon” has to be one of the most addicting songs I have ever heard. 


Cordae was the act that I was most impressed with. I had heard of him going in, but had never seen him live or really known what he was about. His flow is undeniably God-given talent, and he seems so incredibly comfortable and focused on stage. When Cordae raps, you can tell that this is what he has always wanted to do, which is admirable. Cordae also brought up a fan to rap the Anderson .Paak verse on their song “RNP” was most definitely the highlight of the entire night, and one that I was proud to witness. 

Phoebe Bridgers

First off, I must say that Phoebe sounds incredible live. Her range is beyond impressive and her calming energy is one that you kind of have to sit back and enjoy. The entire crowd was entranced by her music, and it was really cool to see an artist with primarily down-tempo songs captivating a festival audience. Phoebe’s set was a great way to close the night, and “Chinese Satellite” live is as much of a lullaby live as it is in headphones.

Grace Reynoso is a Junior Communications Major with a Public/Mass Media track. She is originally from Ridgewood, New Jersey and has always been into all things beauty, fashion, and music! Grace also loves creating new looks on her makeup page and writing songs! Follow her on Instagram: @grace.reynoso, her makeup IG @glossbygracie_, and her soundcloud: @urfriendgrace
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