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Giving Credit When It’s Due: Why Normani is an Underrated Artist

For a young woman of many talents, Normani often goes unrecognized.

The 25-year-old artist has been climbing her way up the charts ever since the disbanding of her former group Fifth Harmony. However, according to audience critique, it seems that she is always failing to make the mark somehow. Being a Black woman in America alone already comes with its difficulties, so some communities can only begin to imagine the struggles this young artist must deal with in such a demanding industry on a daily basis. Though, this does not stop young Normani from dishing out hits back to back to back. She is often never given the credit she deserves, though her work, both as a group member and solo artist, proves otherwise.

For starters, this superstar has PIPES both in and out the studio. It’s insane how people complain so much how singers in this generation don’t serve the same vocals they do on a recording as they do on the stage. Though, this doesn’t seem like an issue to this pop princess, for not only can she bring on insane vocals, but she does so while killing choreography and even hitting some gymnastics as well. I mean, come on, you all have seen her performance of “Motivation” at the 2019 VMAS. You can’t tell me she didn’t leave it all out on the floor that night!

Not only that, but the artistic values she incorporates in her performances is just *chefs kiss*. She tends to think outside the box, and even manages to pay homage to those who have been running the game longer than her, while simultaneously staying true to her character. We can see this in her 2021 VMA performance of “Wild Side.” Her song alone samples the hit 90s song “One in A Million” by the late singer (and legend, might I add) Aaliyah. Moreover, the singer gives a taste of homage at the end of the song to one of the most infamous acts conducted by the legend herself, Janet Jackson, and even samples her hit song “Would You Mind.” 

Though, it seems that critics have great interest in nitpicking Normani down to the bone, given that sis has yet to release an album on her own (which we are ALL anxiously waiting for). Moreover, they tend to discredit the hit singles that she has put out that feature other artists, such as 6lack, Khalid, Sam Smith, and more recently, Cardi B. However, the fact that she is able to land collaborations with other talented artists at only the mere BEGINNING of her career, I’d say is pretty incredible!

I always go by the saying “Give credit when credit is due,” and Normani certainly deserves her flowers right now. There’s a bright future ahead for this young star, and y’all better be ready to see her thrive.   

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