Getting Involved at TCNJ

Getting involved on campus is key to a successful college career. Clubs and activities allow for a change of scenery from a daily class schedule and are great for making new friends. Finding the right student organization to join is not always the easiest, but TCNJ has great resources online and throughout campus that help in finding the perfect addition to your afterschool schedule.

Lionsgate is an online website TCNJ uses that contains all the different clubs on campus and even the events that will be happening throughout the week. You should first log in using your TCNJ username and password. Right after logging in, you will see a “Discover A New Organization” tab and it will lead you to a list of all the clubs on campus.

You can filter through the organizations by certain categories, some of these include: Fraternity/Sorority, Community Based Organization, and even Performing Arts Based Organization. My advice is to search clubs and activities that you might have been involved in before your time at TCNJ. For me, I immediately used the Performing Arts Based category and was able to find a few clubs that I was interested in joining.

Scrolling through Lionsgate might also lead you to finding something you never thought you would try before. In my opinion, the best way to find some brand new activities is by heading to the student activities fair. This is where you can walk around and check out booths from most of the clubs that TCNJ offers. Students representing the club can give you information on how to join and ask you to sign up for an email list so that you can get automatic updates to when and where meetings are being held.

This year, the fair is on September 14th from 12-3pm in the Rec Center. Grab some friends, check out the booths (which, by the way, usually have some free candy!!), and get involved on campus!


Link to Lionsgate: