Get Serious for Senior Year


As I sit watching reruns of Greek (do you remember that show?) contemplating Casey and Cappie's future after graduation, I'm beginning to realize how soon that day is coming for me. One more year and the Class of 2015 will leave TCNJ, moving on to grad school, law school, apartment hunting, job searching or whatever the future holds. If you're anything like me (or even worse, Cappie,) it might seem a little overwhelming. So buckle down, collegiettes. Here's how to take senior year by the horns. 

Check your academic requirement report. There's nothing worse than finding out last minute that you didn’t fulfill the World Views and Ways of Knowing requirement. Before the last semester, double check to see that you're on the right track to graduation. The report can be found under advisement tools in Paws.

Make a plan for after graduation. If you're applying to grad school, make sure you've signed up for GRE's and start studying. If it's a job you're looking for, think of companies that interest you. Make a list of potential internships or starting positions, and mark your calendars for any networking events the Career Center offers. This year’s Fall Opportunities Fair is held October 3 @ 11 a.m.

Dress the part now. If your entire wardrobe looks like the trendy section of Forever 21, it wouldn't hurt to mix a little business into that casual. It's good to have professional clothes on hand for interviews and networking events that may pop up. You can even mix professional pieces into casual clothes for class. Professors can be the gateway to internships or job opportunities, so dress to impress. 

Build networks. They say a lot of opportunity comes from networking, and they’re right. Staying in contact with professors, employers and alumni builds your professional relationships and you’ll be fresh in their minds if any job positions become available. 

Have fun. Although senior year is definitely a time to get serious, it's also your last year in college. Remember to spend time with your friends, your sorority, your team members, etc. because just like Cappie and Casey, we're graduating, and we don't know what the future holds.