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Get to know Astrology: Explained by Co-Hosts of Blame it on the Stars

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at TCNJ chapter.

If I’m an Aquarius and he’s a Capricorn, is our astrological incompatibility the reason we shouldn’t date? It’s questions like this that inspired the title for Jade Salzano and Kara Nicole’s hit podcast titled, “Blame It On the Stars.” Their weekly podcast explains all astrology matters in a fun and informative way to listeners eager to hear what the stars hold for them. 

“Astrology is giving you a broad idea of different themes that could come up and then you see what happens. Astrology casts a shadow onto walls and forms an outline. For example, an outline of a cat, you know it’s a cat, but you can’t see what color its fur and eyes are,” Nicole stated citing an analogy by Chris Brennan (professional astrologer) to describe what observing astrology is like. 

The two self-taught astrologers began learning about astrology four years ago as roommates living in an off-campus house. The discussions they would have in their kitchen sparked the idea for their podcast and had plans to begin recording in the future. But with the start of COVID-19, their plans moved up as it was a time when they were both free. They also agreed that the astrology of 2020 was worth explaining. Since their first podcast episode on June 1, 2020 they have gone on to produce 47 more episodes available on both Apple Podcast and Spotify. 

The two never struggle with motivation to continue with the podcast as they have labeled it as something they always look forward to recording and work amazingly well together as their signs are compatible.

“We have the same Venus, so we both are very similar in the Gemini department which is why we are so self-taught because the Gemini Venus loves to learn. We are always willing to learn new skills like: how to do graphic design, how to make a podcast, how to write a book,” Salzano stated. 

Moreover, Salzano being a Taurus moon and Nicole being a Taurus sun creates a dynamic in which they really understand each other and never argue. Salzano plans out podcast episodes a month in advance by referring to the astrological calendar. While Nicole edits the sometimes almost two-hour long recording to their regular 50 minutes to an hour episode length. 

So, did astrologers know something was coming and could they predict each event of 2020? The answer is yes and no. 

“A lot of astrologers knew because Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter were all in Capricorn and that doesn’t happen very often. A lot of old well-known astrologers predicted things like the pandemic would happen and then seeing it start was a wild experience,” Nicole stated. 

Salzano followed by saying, “I remember saying to Kara there’s something with the government coming out and maybe death in the mix and then it turned out to be COVID-19…you have an idea of the potentials, but never fully know how it will manifest.” 

In regard to the future, Salzano labeled this year as bringing the power back to the people while Nicole has labeled 2021 as the year for re-building. 

“2021 is about rebuilding. 2020 was tearing things down and life stopped because of the pandemic. 2022 will be even more positive,” Nicole stated. 

Another topic the two co-hosts tackle is manifesting, setting intentions or creating an idea that will become your reality by the power of your thoughts or words. The two have given examples of how manifesting has come true in their own lives, from apartment hunting to romance. Through their podcast, listeners have gotten a better understanding of astrology, who they are, and who they have the potential to be. These are intentions Salzano and Nicole hoped they would give their listeners. 

“I want people to feel understood. I want to tell them it’s okay to feel and have experiences and to know that you and astrology will always change,” Salzano stated. 

Nicole followed by stating, “Our goal is to make it relatable and understanding. I want people to feel empowered. For me learning about my birth chart was a very powerful experience and getting to know myself on a deeper level.” 

When beginning the process of learning more about astrology the number one advice they give is to not fall for people who preach and not teach. Steer clear of those click bait ads or direct messages of people who have a “calling to give you a reading.” Also, Co-Star is not an astrology app they would recommend using. The notifications the app has sent to users are very often aggressive and inaccurate. The company has also posted insensitive material regarding the summer protests and references to mental health. 

To learn more from Jade and Kara you can check out their “Blame It On the Stars,” podcast episodes on Apple Podcast and Spotify that are new every Monday. They have a ton of services from birth chart readings, tarot readings, Q & A video, live readings, and an E-book that explains the astrology of 2021. Recently they have launched apparel ranging from t-shirts, hats, and tote bags. Check them out for all matters related to astrology @blmethestarspod on Instagram. 





Diana is a senior at the College of New Jersey. She is majoring in Journalism Professional Writing and Communications (specialization: Radio, Television, & Film) with a minor in Spanish. She has written for HerCampus as well as The Signal (the school's newspaper). After taking a photojournalism class this semester she has developed a love for photography and wants to continues this hobby. Her other hobbies include sewing and designing clothes.
Sameen is currently a Campus Correspondent for HCTCNJ. She is a junior majoring in Biopsychology and is on a pre-med track. When not studying, she can be found curled up with a good book or trying her hand at a new hobby (e.g. playing the guitar, coding, learning a new language).