Fun Fall Activities To Do At TCNJ

Now that summer is officially gone, the cool breeze and turning colors of leaves have hit TCNJ. Autumn has arrived, and the season of pumpkin spiced lattes and Halloween is surely upon us, Lions. Stepping away from the stress of homework and studying, here are a few fun things that you can do around TCNJ to get you in the fall spirit.


Attend a Football Game

Nothing screams fall more than football season. Get in your best TCNJ apparel and go watch a game with a group of friends! Grab a cup of hot chocolate to enjoy in the chilly weather while cheering on the Lions.

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Have a Halloween Themed Movie Night

Spooky season is slowly creeping up on us. Gather your best friends and have a Halloween themed movie night. Nothing is better to do in the fall than watch scary movies with a bunch of friends and snacks. Put on some comfortable pajamas and try not to get too scared!

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Decorate Your Dorm

Give your dorm a comfy and cozy feel to it by incorporating some fall-themed décor. Orange, yellow, and red are perfect fall colors that you can integrate in your decorations for an autumn feel. Hanging some twinkle lights is also a great addition to give your room some light and warmth while it gets darker out.

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Have a “Friendsgiving”

Thanksgiving is approaching us, which means going home and spending time with family. Before Thanksgiving break, have a “Friendsgiving.” Go out to dinner or lunch with a few close friends of yours before leaving TCNJ. A perfect place for this is the Panera on campus. Enjoy some warm soup to combat the cold fall weather or treat yourself to some delicious pastries.

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Take Pictures Around Campus

There is no doubt that TCNJ has a beautiful campus – especially in the fall. Why not take some pictures around the gorgeous buildings with some friends? Whether you’re at the lake or in front of the fountain, grab a few snapshots of the stunning autumn atmosphere of TCNJ.

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