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Listening to Heaven by Khalid back in April, when I was alone in my dorm, two days after celebrating my 19th birthday was one thing. However, hearing it live, simply surrounded by the sound of his voice, and among other people simply taking it all in, felt so different. I’m sure everyone has said this at some point about their favorite artists. “Hearing them live is just different, it’s such a great experience”, and it’s true. Allow me to narrow down my reasons for enjoying the Free Spirit concert so much.  

1.The Visuals !!!!

So one of two things, I have either never noticed visuals from other concerts I’ve attended, or whoever was in charge of these really knew how to make someone notice the background. The visuals matched the tone of whatever song he was singing, whether it was a one that had everyone screaming along or where people simply stared and admired. Simply put, the visuals added something more to an already stunning show. 

2. Dancers

Not going to lie, but I had a moment during the concert where I suddenly wanted to learn how to dance so I could join tours and have as good of a time as all the dancers were having. I had a very similar thought years ago, except I was in sixth grade and because I wanted to be Zendaya’s best friend on Shake It Up. Anyway, it genuinely felt like they weren’t even at a concert, it was simply a bunch of people having the best time, except they had a couple thousand people watching…Also, I may have a crush on Idaliz, it’s fine though. 

3.Khalid & his message

Free Spirit is the embodiment of trying to balance your struggles while also making sure you don’t forget to enjoy this time you are in right now. “I feel like that’s what free spirit was, a process.” Having the chance to listen to Khalid express his growth as a person as well as the setbacks in the process, it’s something I can relate to and in a way, it’s comforting because even though I know people go through similar struggles, it’s nice to hear it sometimes. “I’m a big mix of all the people around me…and I’m happy.” This is the time where you and I are surrounded by many people with very different personalities, and through that process, we continue to shape ourselves in who we want to be, and that makes me happy. 

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Some of my favorite tracks that were played during the concert included: Bad Luck, Hundred, Heaven, 8TEEN, Silence, and Another Sad Love Song. If you haven’t heard Free Spirit, I highly recommend you do, I think it’s something many of us can understand and relate to. 

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