Five Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

The spookiest night of the year is quickly approaching! It’s time for fear themed events, haunted hayrides, and most importantly, costume parties. Unfortunately, many Halloween costumes can be high maintenance and are often planned weeks in advance. If you’ve procrastinated on that step, it’s time to opt for a quick and easy Halloween costume that is guaranteed to be low maintenance. If that’s the case, then here are some costumes to try!

1. Rosie the Riveter

Most people already have the ingredients to this costume stashed right in their closets. All you need is a women’s denim button up top, a red bandana, and some plain black leggings. Simply roll up the sleeves of the denim overshirt and tie the red bandana in the signature style of Rosie the Riveter by wearing the fabric as a headband. After that, follow any pin-up inspired makeup tutorial to finish this look. Just remember to say Rosie the Riveter’s, “We Can Do It!” catch phrase at least once during the party to make your costume authentic.

2. Lumberjack

Need a low maintenance costume that still looks festive? Keep it simple with a relaxed lumberjack getup. This costume requires jeans, a plaid flannel, hiking boots, and a small amount of cardboard. Simply put on your most flattering jeans, a red flannel (an oversized flannel also works), and some outdoor or hiking books to have the bulk of this costume complete. However, to truly communicate that this is a costume, you’re going to need some lumberjack tools. Since it’s unwise to bring a hatchet or an axe to any type of party, create a harmless one from cardboard. Then, hang it from the belt loop of your jeans. This look can even be taken the extra mile if you want to create a faux beard for yourself using eyebrow pencils and matte eyeshadow pigments. This costume is perfect for people who don’t want to spend the night nitpicking and fixing their outfits because the lumberjack aesthetic works regardless of how ruffled or messy the costume gets.

3. Cowgirl (or Sheriff) 

Do you want your costume to be a touch more noticable? Step it up a notch by forgoing the cardboard axe and replacing it with a cowboy hat. The flannel and jeans from the last costume will still give your costume those much needed country vibes, but without being too overbearing in the visual department. To add that extra cowgirl flair, see if you can find a cow stuffed animal to bring along. You could even take a different route with this costume and add a plastic badge and handcuffs, (easily found on Amazon) if you want to give your cowgirl persona some authority. If you do, remember to tilt your hat down over your eyes and recite some corny Hollywood one-liners about law enforcement throughout the night! 

4. Hippie

Make sure that your night stays chill with this relaxed costume. Find at least two tie dyed clothing items, ideally one shirt and one other item, along with ripped (or even bellbottom) jeans to transport yourself to the 60’s as a part of a movement promoting peace and love. To complete this costume, cut the non-shirt tie dyed clothing piece into strips that can be used as headbands and wristbands. Spreading out the tie dye throughout your outfit will create a thoroughly hippie-inspired look. Add some John Lennon style sunglasses to make this costume complete. Then, throw up peace signs to your hippie heart’s content!

5. Animal Onesie 

Do you want variety? Do you want to have choices? Get this: You can easily, simply, and cutely be any animal you want to be for Halloween! Just wear an animal onesie. Animal onesies come in the designs of anything from elephants, to flying squirrels, to walruses. Onesies come in the style of almost any animal, allowing them to be used as comfortable and perfectly oversized costumes. Just remember to Google a few jokes about your prefered animal and the noises that they make!