Finals Fashion

With the endless amounts of studying and exhausting all-nighters, dressing cute may seem out of the question. There’s barely enough time to complete both your study guide AND continue your latest Netflix obsession (okay, maybe the first one is more important). But, don’t stress even more than you already are - here are some fashionable and cozy tops can be paired with your favorite leggings or jeans in a matter of minutes. Now instead of staring at your closet for hours, go stare at those textbooks some more!

 For those girls in search of warm and cozy…this hoodie is perfect


Source: Victoria’s Secret Pink

 Flannels are perfect because they can be thrown on top of any shirt and still look put together


Source: Forever 21

Pair this draped cardigan with your favorite scarf and riding boots for a more fashionable outfit 

Source: American Eagle 


Get festive with this oversized and cozy reindeer sweater


                  Source: H&M