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Fiesta Foods for your Cinco de Mayo Celebration

Thinking of hosting or attending a Cinco de Mayo celebration? Whether you live off campus or your only oven is in the Town Houses lounge, whip up these easy Mexican-inspired recipes and get the party started!


No oven? No problem. A party isn’t complete without chips and salsa. Spice things up with this 7 Layer Dip. Served in individual cups, there’s less mess and less double-dipping.

Microwave recipe

Another dorm friendly snack is this Cinnamon Churro Chex Mix. Using just a microwave to melt the cinnamon chips, this sugary treat is a snap to make (and even easier to eat.)

Oven required

Not quite a pizza and not quite a taco, these Mexican Pizzas are the best of both worlds. Sandwich your favorite fillers (meat for the carnivores, beans for the veggies) between two tortillas and finish the stack with sprinkled cheese and toppers-think avocado, olives and tomatoes. Though this recipe is typically cooked the oven, it could easily be melted in the microwave!

With a combination of cream cheese, refried beans and cheddar, these Baked Taquitos are every bit as dangerous as they look. Easily dipped into salsa, sour cream and guacamole (or your 7 Layer Dip) they are a great party finger-food!

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