Erin Waller, Field Hockey Champion

As we wrap up this fall semester we’re taking a look back at one of The College’s star athletes, Erin Waller, senior special education and iSTEM double major and captain of the varsity field hockey team. TCNJ’s field hockey team became the 2014 NCAA Division III Champions.

Erin has not only been a part of two winning seasons in the NCAA Championships (her freshman and senior years), but she is also co-president of the Student Athletic Advisory Council and works in the recreation center assisting with intramural sports. Erin is a dedicated team member and leader at The College making her a true campus celebrity.

Erin shared with us some of the most memorable moments during the season.

“This team has made some of the coolest goals, done the best celebrations, even said some of the funniest things on and off the field,” said Erin.  “When you can spend so much time with a group of girls and play with them everyday and yet everyday they continue to amaze you with their talent is just incredible.”

When asked what some of the challenges were she said, “We were lucky to not have many challenges. We have a very even keeled team who took every game one at a time. We didn't breakdown over errors but rose from them to be better the next day.”

Her favorite part of playing field hockey at TCNJ is her teammates, “The girls teach you so much and are there for you in any situation.” She talked about the journey from freshman to senior year with the Lion’s field hockey team.

“Winning as a freshman, I was young it took me awhile to realize the significance of winning a national title, but now as a senior it’s a different experience,” said Erin. “It is the best, bittersweet feeling being able to end your last season with a win and only one team can and these girls made that happen.”

We asked what advice she would leave her younger teammates with, “Winning a National Championship is one of the best experiences of your life. Hold on to it, enjoy it, but don't settle for just this one.”

She ended off by saying, “I hope you learned one thing from every senior, we are proud of you and will always be there for you. Winning is hard but repeating is even harder.  Good luck, love you girls.”

Although it may have been Erin’s last season with the TCNJ field hockey team, after graduation she plans to become a teacher and coach field hockey.