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End of Internship Etiquette

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at TCNJ chapter.

By Nicole Ferrito

That time is approaching. The internship that you’ve dedicated so much of your time and effort to this semester is coming to an end. Whether it was a great learning experience, or completely unfulfilling, you always want to leave off on a good note.

Networking is extremely helpful in acquiring new positions in the career you wish to pursue.  Here’s the proper way to end an internship!

The Thank You Note: It’s important to be grateful for the opportunity you were given. Even if the internship was not what you expected it to be, you were chosen among other candidates and you got experience that will help better your skills in the professional world in some way or another. Write a thoughtful, handwritten note to your boss.

A Small Gift: If you became close with the people you worked with, you can bring in cupcakes or cookies on the last day to thank them for serving as your mentor throughout your internship.

The Follow-up Email: It never hurts to send a follow-up email a few months after the internship. Thank them again, and explain how your experience interning at their company has helped improve your skills.

Keep In Touch With the Other Interns:  If you worked with a group of interns, stay in touch! Most likely, you are all pursuing a similar career and it’s great to expand your network. You may end up helping each other in the future!

Business Cards: Ask for the business cards of people you worked with. This is just another great way to keep your professional network updated.