Elsa Leistikow, ‘17

This week’s campus cutie is the total opposite of an ice queen! With her energetic, positive attitude and fun-loving spirit, this cutie has a heart of gold.  And who doesn’t love impromptu dance parties?! Meet Elsa!

Name: Elsa Leistikow

Grade: Sophomore

Hometown: Scotch Plains, New Jersey

Major: Sociology

Campus organizations: Water Watch, Circle K, Sustainability Ambassadors, and peripherally, She’s the First, United Way, Project Stay Gold (you know, those clubs that you really like and believe in but really can’t get to meetings…or many events…haha)

Favorite band: No favorite band, although OneRepublic’s got some pretty sweet songs. I like most music. Gospel’s fun :D I like that SOUL!

Favorite quote: It’s a poem about risk by William Arthur Ward. Check that bad boy out here.

Favorite TCNJ memory: I love spending time with my friends – shooting the breeze in the library or tearing it up on the dance floor. Our adventures are great too, we’re planning to go jump off the boards in the swimming pool one night and stargaze in the observation tower. Those impromptu dance parties though…they make the week.

Favorite place you’ve ever been: My family and I had a lot of fun in Bremen, Germany, visiting my sister while she studied abroad there.

Favorite food: Everything!! I really enjoy trying new things too.

Fun fact: I’m studying abroad in New Zealand for the year next year! I leave this July.

Hidden talents: I’m pretty flexible and I love to stretch. If you ever see a tall white girl doing splits in The Great “Ab Lab” of TCNJ’s oh-so-beautiful PEC, it’s probably me. :)

Things you can’t live without: Eucerin lotion and my family.

Who would play you in a film: Betty White

Relationship status: Single

Turn on: A great smile, friendly, open, outgoing and kind.

Turn off: Let’s not focus on the negative.

Dream date/cool first date: It really doesn’t matter; it’s all about the company. It’s fun to go on an adventure! Play ping pong, go cliff jumping….ya know, the usual. :)

Theme song to your life: “Express Yourself” by Charles Wright & The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band!! Or “Good Life” by OneRepublic :)