Education Major 101

So, you are an education major, or soon to be one? Here's a breakdown of what it means to be an education major and almost everything you need to know about being one:

Be proud of your major:

To start off, you need to be proud of your major. I have come across many people who try to undermine my major, my passion and my future career because to them it does not seem as “rigorous” or “hard” compared to the sciences. Let me tell you right now, ignore them because if they were ever placed in a classroom or had half of the assignments, lesson plans and projects we have, they would never be able to survive. I have had many experiences as such, but I know who I am and that I am on a track that will empower children and leave positive impacts on others so make sure to maintain your focus on why you chose to be an education major.


Oh, the classes you will take! Freshman year is full of basic classes you will take to fulfill your requirements, but sophomore year is when you get to have your first practicum ever and it will be the most exciting moment. You will be thrilled and anxious to find out your placement, cooperating teacher, and classroom partner. The excitement will take over and it may or may not die down depending on whether your placement was what you expected it to be. Let me tell you firsthand, every experience is unique and precious in its own way. Just make sure to make it your own and you will take away so many positives and negatives from it. In the coming semesters, you will carry your practicum experience with you and keep growing. You will also take other classes such as math and science method courses, reading and literacy courses, social studies methods course and other education courses based on your major (ex. ELE or SPE). Without a doubt, I have had by far the best education major classes with supportive professors and even though the workload is intense you will manage and hopefully succeed.


As a teacher, you will have a huge impact on not only your future students but also the students at your practicum. No matter how stressed you are, how much work you have, or if you are just having a bad day, one thing you should never forget is that these children look to you for support, affection, friendship and even to be a role models. It is important that you never bring in outside emotions within the classroom because building a classroom community is really important and your attitude means everything.

What to expect:

So, what should you expect from TCNJ School of Education (SOE)? Well, you can expect loads of work, but also tons of support from professors and peers. You can expect tons of 8am classes, several 3-hour classes and a whole day, or days, designated to your classroom experience. Aside from all of that academic riguer, you can expect to have a memorable experience regardless of how boring or tough the class may have been. Remember, every day you are one step closer to your dreams.

To those who have just started out at the School of Education or are joining us in the fall, good luck! You are in the right spot, it only gets better!

As for me, student teaching, I’m almost, kind-of ready for you! #futureteachers