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Easy Breezy Fashion Forecast for Spring 2015

Yep, it’s March already—which means spring is just around the corner. It’s time to retire our sweaters and boots and freshen up our closets with the spring 2015 fashion essentials. As the days grow longer, so have the hems of this season’s dresses and skirts. Bright whites and loose silhouettes will make dressing for those scorching days a breeze. Play with shades of blue just as you would in the waves of the ocean; or, if building sandcastles is your forte, opt for earthy, warm tones. However you choose to make this season’s trends your own, make sure to keep it easy and effortless.

Sportswear Inspired Pieces

The key here is sportswear inspired. If you held on to your old shell top Adidas, you’re in good shape. Don’t be afraid to wear sneakers with skirts or track pants with crop tops. This trend is really about pairing unexpected items.


Black or white never goes out of style. But this season, give this classic duo some attention by wearing outfits comprised totally of both shades. Gridlines and gingham contribute to this trend and add interest to the black and white theme. As the days get hotter, up the amount of white to douse the look with summer freshness.

Soft Earth Colors

The colors this spring draw from the subtlety of nature. Soft shades that seem to have been warmed by the sun give an outfit some seasonal relaxation. Or you can play with shades of blue in combination to create dimensions that mimic the sky or ocean.

Easy Silhouettes

Thank God for this trend! This spring, silhouettes are billowing out. Flowy tops, boyfriend jeans, shift dresses, baggy pants, long A-line skirts… the idea is to let loose! Spring 2015 says it is perfectly okay to wear a completely baggy outfit, but you can also compliment your loose choices with form fitting pieces already in your closet.


Platforms and jumpsuits and hats oh my! The funky culture of the 1970s has come back to give spring 2015 some glamour. Wide brimmed hats have been a long time coming, but they are finally being met with their fashion counterparts. Jumpsuits are appearing in all shapes and patterns, as are platforms that are giving lift to sandals and sneakers alike. This trend makes a statement, but you can tone it down by opting for bell-sleeved rompers, large neutral tone sunglasses, or 70s inspired prints.



Denim is following suit with the rest of the season’s trends. Layer shades of denim just as you would layer shades of blue; offset monochrome outfits with denim pieces; look for boxy denim jackets to throw over anything. Pair jeans with athletic sneakers.

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