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Donate Your Purses to Promote Confidence

Any collegiette knows that no outfit is complete without the right bag. Totes, satchels, shoulder bags, crossbodys, wristlets, clutches – endless styles ready to complement any ensemble. You might be wearing the cutest date-night outfit, but throw in your backpack, and all of a sudden your dress and heels just don’t look quite right anymore. Similarly, you wouldn’t show up to a job interview with your going-out wristlet. Purses are not just important because they house our most important belongings, but they also instill confidence in ourselves.

As our styles evolve, though, some purses wind up seeing less time on our arms and more time on closet floors collecting dust. Why not donate these purses so that other women can give them the love they deserve, while receiving a confidence boost for themselves? Kappa Delta sorority is holding a “Go Confidently Collection” through October 2 for collegiettes to donate their pre-loved or gently used purses. 

Not created by one designer or label, the “Go Confidently Collection” is created by individual women coming together to inspire confidence in women and girls across the country. The collected purses will be donated to Womanspace, a nonprofit agency in Mercer County, that provides various services to individuals and families impacted by domestic and sexual violence and is dedicated to improving the quality of life for women and their families, according to womanspace.org.

“As a chapter we are very excited to be able to brighten the days of these women by giving them our purses,” said Jillian McCarthy, Vice President of Public Relations for Kappa Delta. “We hope that the receivers of these purses will love them just as we once did, and through them, find the confidence to be strong and stand up for themselves.”

Find a Kappa Delta sister to make your donation.



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