Diana Da Silva: Leading with Her Heart and Following Her Faith

Diana Da Silva is a junior, Health & Exercise Science major from Newark, New Jersey. A sister of Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority Inc, New Jersey Christian Fellowship, and president of Social Justice Life Group, Diana is constantly busy at making the campus a better place. When seeing Diana on campus, you will always spot her with a warm smile and a voice of strength that echoes. There’s a lot that went into becoming who she is today.

She thanks organizations such as the Cooperman College Scholars program and The Educational Opportunity Fund program at The College of New Jersey for guiding through the college admissions process as a first-generation student. She also is thankful for her family and values her faith for leading her in the right path. Her dream job is to become a nurse. 

“I love talking and caring for people. That one-on-one interaction with the patient is what only a nurse could do for them,” Da Silva stated. Da Silva listed the many reasons her cousin, Elizangela’s journey to becoming a registered nurse inspired her own journey.

“She came from Brazil to the United States, got married, worked a full-time job, faced racism, paid for her tuition out of pocket, and has no debt,” Da Silva stated. “She never stopped her dream for anyone or anything. She paved the way.”

Da Silva’s cousin inspired her to enter this career field and through her support system, she was able to navigate applying to college. 

“Without that support system, I wouldn’t be at T.C.N.J right now. I would have been lost, discouraged, and I wouldn’t have applied,” Da Silva stated.  

Her support system continues on campus to this day with her Educational Opportunity Advisor, John Marshall, who is always there for her whether it’s educational, physical, and mental. 

“The E.O.F program taught me to speak up for my rights, academics, and knowing that you deserve a place on this campus as a person of color,” Da Silva stated.  

Some people question if she’s Latina enough, and it is one small reason Da Silva joined Lambda Theta Alpha. She knew by joining the sorority her personality would be echoed. 

“Lambda Theta Alpha imbodies many of my characteristics through our principles of unity, love, and respect. They fight for social justice, political activism, and community service,” Da Silva stated. 

If you know Diana she is always ready to get involved to help. Through her sorority, she is able to talk about what is happening in the world, what it means to be a person of color on campus, and what it means to be Latina on campus. 

Da Silva received a full scholarship to TCNJ and fell in love with the College.


“Before committing your life to something, find out who you are by stepping out of your comfort zone. Go to different clubs and activities that you are not familiar with, experience it all and TCNJ is the perfect place to do that. But never change who you are, at college, you will realize who you are,” Da Silva stated. 

Her goals for Junior year are to pass her nursing prerequisites. For the future, she wishes to attend the University of Pennsylvania for a B.A in Nursing.