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Depop: Streetwear and Vintage Fashion at Your Fingertips

Depop is an app that has changed how we find and obtain vintage clothing. The platform was founded back in Milan in 2011 and is now based in London (The Atlantic). The app has an easy-to-use format similar to social media platforms such as Instagram and has simple buy and sell features that operate like a slightly trendier Ebay. It’s simple design and array of styles makes it super easy to find one-of-a-kind items!

Depop has generated a lot of buzz in the past few years and has gradually become a digital staple for fashion lovers, and can be an easy way to turn your unwanted clothes into cash. In addition to Depop being trendy among the general public, it has caught the attention of a handful of popular influencers and celebrities, who have jumped onto the online marketplace bandwagon (usually selling both unworn and used pieces, to the delight of superfans). Depending on the item and the person, clothing can sell out within minutes. Not only is this a great way for celebs to clean out their closets, but it can connect them more closely to their fans, as well as bring in new Depop buyers and sellers. 

Most sellers on the app focus on marketing refurbished, unworn, or vintage clothing, and often model the clothing themselves or on other people. Oftentimes, if sellers are successful enough, they may start their own brand, generate their own pieces, and distribute it exclusively through Depop. Most sellers are honest, quick, and flexible with their pricing and shipping, which I appreciate. The buying and selling experience is almost identical to that of a thrift store, but digital. 

Depop carries many different clothing styles, but a large portion of it’s marketplace caters to vintage and street-wear fashion. Brands on the app that are popular to resell are classics such as Tommy Hilfiger, Levi, and Guess. Many vintage pieces are affordable and adorable, and the best part is–when you shop second-hand, you’re saving money and the environment!

Depop is one of the most successful social resale apps because of how accessible it is. One of its best features is how anyone can become a seller, and unlike Ebay and Amazon, you can post items entirely from your mobile device. Its digital format is easy to use, and with ten million users on this global marketplace (Marie Claire), you are bound to find someone interested in your items.

Depop can also be used as a gateway to becoming influential on other social media platforms. A lot of top sellers have essentially formed their own running businesses on the app, and the name they’ve made for themselves can carry over to other areas of the internet. Many store owners primarily refurbish clothing, so sellers will go to thrift stores and buy clothes to turn into entirely new custom pieces. This provides a shopping experience that is unique and all its own. On Depop, not only are you selling clothes, but you can exercise your creativity and even make a name for yourself.

So whether you’re cleaning out your closet, making custom clothing, or recreating vintage ones, Depop is a great way to reuse clothes, make money, and turn someone’s trash into another one’s treasure!

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Grace Reynoso is a Junior Communications Major with a Public/Mass Media track. She is originally from Ridgewood, New Jersey and has always been into all things beauty, fashion, and music! Grace also loves creating new looks on her makeup page and writing songs! Follow her on Instagram: @grace.reynoso, her makeup IG @glossbygracie_, and her soundcloud: @urfriendgrace
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